From October 7 - 9, 2016, the Las Vegas Catholic Worker organized and hosted the international gathering of Catholic Workers from around the nation and from Mexico, Germany, Australia, and Amsterdam. Nearly 200 people attended. There were 32 wide-ranging round table discussions from which to choose, a lot of great food and beverages, an open mic talent show on Saturday evening with 20 performers, a liturgy at the Nevada National Security Site (formerly the Nevada Nuclear Test Site) on Sunday morning along with a civil disobedience line crossing action where 30 people were arrested, cited for trespass and immediately released, then lunch at the Goddess Temple, in Cactus Springs, followed by another peace witness and civil disobedience action at Creech AFB, in Indian Springs, where U.S. drones are controlled. There were 13 people arrested at Creech - Brian Terrel, Allison McGillivray, Sam Yergler, Kathy Boylan, Scott Schaefer-Duffy, Claire Schaefer-Duffy, Kelsey Chalmers, Alexandria Addesso, Steve Jacobs, Austin Cook, Phil Runkel, Marcus Collogne, and John Heid. All were transported to Clark County Jail in Las Vegas, processed, cited and released by 11pm with court date pending. It was an absolutely fabulous weekend.

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