We Need Winter Clothing

It’s getting cold at night on the streets so we are looking for donations of warm jackets and sweaters in good condition to share with our friends on Skid Row. Donations can be dropped off or mailed to the Catholic Worker House at 632 N. Brittania St. Thanks so much!

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Military Recruitment Center Shut Down

The December 7th American Friends Service Commitee action was a success! Protesters held a rally and blocked the door of a Military Recruitment Center, closing it for the day. The demonstration was part of a larger movement to bring about the Declaration of Peace.


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Students Walk to End Hunger

Last Sunday about 1,000 students from St. Paul, Damien and Bosco Tech High Schools walked 26 miles from East LA to the ocean to raise money for the LA Catholic Worker. Thanks for all your hard work guys!


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September Action a Success!

The September 25th Declaration of Peace Action was a great success! A large group of people including many Catholic Worker volunteers and friends shut down the Hollywood Military Recruiting Center for the entire day! The protest was completely non-violent and no one was arrested. To see pictures of the event click here.


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Jeff is out of jail!

Jeff Dietrich who was sentenced Friday Aug 18 to thirty days in jail for a March civil disobedience protest of the Iraq war was released Sunday morning Aug. 20 after spending only 36 hours in lock-up!
“I was freed by grace “he said, “the same grace that prevents all of our homeless friends from doing punitive jail time for insignificant ‘quality of Life crimes’. The jails are over crowded and the sheriff is forced to release all ‘non-violent’ offenders after they have served a mere one tenth of their sentence. Thank God for ACLU law suits that prevent the authorities from packing the already over crowded jails and making an unbearable situation even worse”


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Jeff Dietrich in Jail

Today Jeff went to court to be sentenced for his March 20th action commemorating the third anniversary of the Iraq War. He told the judge that he pled proudly guilty of protesting this immoral and illegal war, and was sentenced to 30 days in LA County Jail. After lunch with Catherine and the rest of the community he turned himself in at 3PM.

Click here to see photos of the demonstration.


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Summer Internship Photos

Our summer internship is over once again, but we all had a great time. To see photos of some of our activities click on Summer Program 2006

For those interested in next summer’s internship click here.


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The Open Door turns 25

In a joyous occasion last week one of our sister houses the Open Door Community in Atlanta Georgia celebrated their 25th birthday. Our very own Jeff Dietrich was there and spoke about the importance of hospitality and toilet cleaning. He also presented them with the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Harsh and Dreadful Award. Happy birthday to all of you folks!


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Protest at the Kitchen

On Tuesday July 11th the Central City East Association sent a truck, crew, cops and a steam machine along with television and newspaper crews to roust our friends off Gladys St. In front of the Kitchen, a group of community members and friends took the opportunity to blockade the truck. They were immediately surrounded by the cops and the press. This lasted about an hour until the city backed down and the truck was abandoned to the cheers of our guests at the Kitchen.


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Summer Photos

Caryn Moore

Summer is in full swing here in Los Angeles. We’ve had several great speakers and a fun 4th of July party at the house of former summer intern Mary Nalick. We were also delighted to welcome former community member Sheena Tseko, her partner Juan Ramon Prado Bustamante and their soon to be born baby, who visited us from Mexico. Our part time community member Patty Carmody hosted a lovely baby shower with lots of good food and old friends. Photos of these events can be seen at:
http://lacatholicworker.org/g/Summer_Program_2006/ and

Eric Debode and Sheena Tseko

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David’s Going Away Party Photos

The Hot Men of the LACW, David, Ben and Ed.jpg
caryn and sophie

Two weeks ago we had a wonderful goodbye party for David Gardener at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. Photos of the event can be seen at


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Summer Interns

Francesca Apper, Christine Haider, Allison McGillivray, Sophie Goldstein and Caryn Moore.

Summer is here! And with it came our new interns, (from left to right) Francesca Apper, from our sister house in Fresno, Christine Haider from Earlham College in Richmond Indiana, Allison McGillivray from the University of Portland, Sophie Goldstein one of our longtime and loyal volunteers and Caryn Moore from the University of Notre Dame.

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