New International Volunteers

Christian Belt and Sarah Grab

We are happy to welcome the two most recent additions to our community, Christian Belt and Sarah Grab. Both are from Germany, and are enrolled in a six month community service program in the United States sponsored by The International Fellowship of Reconciliation. While Sarah was placed at our community, Christian is currently on loan to us from our Sister House in Orange County.


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Dia de los Muertos


For several years while Manuel lived with us at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker, he would construct a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altar for us. Manuel, an artist and a native of Mexico put a lot of time, energy and creativity into it. This last year he, along with Jorge Manly-Gil returned to Mexico to start a Catholic Worker there. Manuel requested that I post photos of this years altar so he can see how this tradition is continuing in his absence.


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Oct. 8 Vandenberg Demonstration Photos


The photos taken at last week’s vigil at Vandenberg Air Force Base are now online and available at

More information about future peace demonstrations at Vandenberg AFB can be found at the Vandenberg Peace Legal Defense Fund website at:


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Sister House Retreat Photos


Last weekend the Los Angeles Catholic Worker was joined with our Sister Houses for our annual Sister House Retreat. This year we had Dee Dee Risher and Will O’Brien the former editors of The Other Side magazine. For those who are interested I posted some of the photos taken that weekend.

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Summer Intern Photos

LACW Summer Interns

Our Summer Internship Program just ended, and most of our interns have returned home. I just posted a collection of photos taken at our various events this summer.
Summer 2005 Gallery

Of course those who may be interested in next years Summer Program can find information about it by clicking here.


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Orange County CW

Mike from the Worcester CW did a nice little write up about one of our sister houses, the Orange County Catholic Worker, on his website

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Catherine Morris in Jail

Catherine Morris Civil Disobediance

Yesterday Catherine, along with the LACW and interns, went to court for her sentencing. Catherine gave a very passionate statement about the real crimes commited in Iraq, and how the military budget hurts the poor back home. The prosecution had recomended a fifteen day sentence, and although Catherine stated that she was fully prepared to serve a fifteen day sentence the judge sentenced her to seven days in jail. Catherine, never one to procrastinate, left the court and walked down to the U.S. Marshal’s office where she turned herself in. We are hoping to have her home next Tuesday, the 9th which is also the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.


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Bob’s Blog

One of our summer inters has a blog (an online journal). In it he shares a few reflections about his stay here with us, for the curious it is worth a look:

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David Gardner – Civil Disobediance Update

David Gardner Arrest

This morning David Gardner appeared before Judge Chapman, and entered a guilty plea. Although it was expected that the prosecution would request a pre-sentencing report from the probation department, the prosecution instead went ahead with sentencing. The judge initially considered a sentence community service, but David explained that he considered it to be an honor to serve the poor and that is what he does at the LACW, and that he would not cooperate with community service as punishment. The judge decided on a 48 hour sentence starting this Monday, July 11th at 8:30am.


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Summer Interns are here

2005 Summer Interns.100_3232
Our summer program began on Monday, June 27. We are happy to welcome our interns into our community and our guests at the kitchen appreciate the cheer they add to the meals that we serve. In the photo from left to right: Elizabeth Henricks (from St. Louis University), Elizabeth Boren (from San Diego), Viola Engels (from Brot und Rosen Community in Hamburg Germany, Thi Trinh (from University of Portland), Jacob Brown (Wheaton College in Chicago), and Bob Beckett (from La Sierra University in Riverside).


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Catherine Morris – Civil Disobediance Update

Catherine Morris Civil Disobediance

This morning Catherine Morris appeared in court for sentencing. However, the probation department failed to prepare a pre-sentencing report. Although Catherine was prepared to be sentenced and placed in jail this morning the judge posponed the sentencing until August 3rd at 2pm. We invite all of our friends to show up and stand in solidarity with Catherine.


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LACW History photos


In preparation for an upcoming 35th anniversary issue of the Catholic Agitator I scanned in several old photographs, slides, and even film negatives. I thought many of them interesting, including this one of Mother Theresa during her 1976 visit to the Los Angeles Catholic Worker, and thought I would share. If any of you out there have photos to share please feel free to email them to me.


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