Summer Internship Photos

Check out the pictures of our summer program!


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Sox and the City

Yes, everyone needs socks! But homeless people need socks more than everyone else. With police harassment on the increase, the homeless are forced to “keep moving,” thus wearing out their socks more quickly. Please bring or send new pairs of socks to the LACW Sox and the City campaign.

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Dorthy Day Saint or Troublemaker?

The Center For Spiritual Development is holding a celebration of the life of CW founder Dorthy Day. The day will include a performance of the play “Conversations with Dorothy Day” by Sharon Halsey-Hoover and a showing of Claudia Larson’s Documentary “Don’t Call Me A Saint”. Check out their website for more info.


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Summer Picnics

One of our summer interns Sybilla put together a fabulous short video of the summer picnics. Check it out!


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Catholic Worker Gathering

Happy Birthday Catholic Worker! Thanks to the Worcester CW for a great gathering!


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Mourn on the 4th Pictures

We had a wonderful, prayerful gathering on the 4th of July to mourn the deaths in Iraq. Many thanks to the Veterans for Peace for hosting us at Arlington West. Their dedication and hard work was an inspiration to us all. Click here for photos.


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Summer Program

Our summer interns are here! We are happy to welcome them into our community and our guests at the kitchen appreciate the cheer they add to the meals that we serve. In the photo from left to right: Brandon Paluch from Los Angeles, Valerie Medina from Los Angeles, Missy Kickert from Illinois, Courtney Ott from Arizona, Herman van Veelen from the Netherlands and Sybilla Bryson from Indiana.


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We are no longer accepting applications for the Summer Program.

If you missed it, please feel free to come visit some other time!

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Dorothy Day Documentary

A friend of the LACW’s Claudia Larson has made a wonderful documentary on the life of Catholic Worker foundress Dorothy Day, called Don’t Call Me a Saint. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and was included in Vanity Fair’s “Must See list. If you are interested in the life of this remarkable women we all recommend it!

To order:
$29.00 – home use
$79.00 – public libraries
$154.00 – college/universities
$19.00 – students
add: 8.25% Tax (California only)
$3.25 Shipping & Handling

Mail check/money order – include your address & tel #, to:

Claudia Larson
one lucky dog productions
2512 Lyric Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

– If you are a Catholic Worker please alert me when ordering.

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New Pictures

We have three new photo albums available.


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Mayor Villaraigosa Visits Skid Row

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spoke at a press conference today at the corner of 6th and Gladys right across from our kitchen. Five Catholic Workers attended with signs to demand that that mayor house the homeless instead of sending them to jail. We were successful in drowning out the mayor’s speech with our demands, however the story is far from over.

The area of Skid Row is only 3/4 of a square mile and has a population of 12,000. In the last year there have been over 9,000 arrests, of which only 1.5% have been for violent crimes, with 1 person arrested for gun possession and one gang member. The city of LA has spent $10 Million to add 50 extra police officers to the neighborhood while only spending $100,000 on housing the homeless. This is not right!!!

We need to demand change. Please take some time out of your busy schedules and contact the mayor to let him know how you feel about this issue. You can email Mayor Villaraigosa at or snail mail him at:

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
200 North Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The phone number for City Hall is (213) 978-0600

To read more on this issue, check out the study on the “Safer Cities” Initiative by UCLA Law Professor Gary Blasi and watch the Los Angeles Community Action Network’s Youtube Videos.
Also watch and read about the protest at and California Catholic Daily.


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Pacific Life Community Retreat

The Pacific Life Community Retreat was held in Santa Barbara this year and was attended by people from as far north as Vancouver BC and as far East as Salt Lake City. Click here to see photos of the event.


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