Nov 29 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 At The LACW



This year we had 60 guests at Hennacy House to celebrate Thanksgiving. There was plenty of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, and pies galore along with cookies and candy to feast upon, with football games to watch and plenty of conversations as well. All had a great time. Happy holidays to all.



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Nov 18 2016

Day In Federal Court

At line.1556 LACW community member Jed Poole (right in photo), along with former LACW community member and now Kenya Catholic Worker, David Omondi, and Veterans For Peace activist, Chris Knudson (left in photo), appeared in Santa Barbara Federal Court on Thursday, November 17, for their arrest at Vandenberg AFB on Hiroshima Day, August 6, 2016, in witness against the diabolical insanity of U.S. nuclear weapons policy.

Jed pled “guilty” to a trespass charge, asked for immediate sentencing and was given 30 days in federal prison and $40 in processing fees. His self-surrender date is December 8 before 3pm at the downtown L.A. Metropolitan Detention Center.

David pled “not guilty” to a trespass charge. He has a February 16, 2017 trial date.

Chris pled “guilty” to a trespass charge and was sentenced to one year supervised probation, and a $120 fine along with $40 in processing fees.

LACW Karan Benton, who also was arrested on the same day for violating her “ban and bar” letter, rescheduled her arraignment date to January 19, 2017.

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Nov 16 2016

LACW Stands With Standing Rock and the #NoDAPL movement



On Tuesday, November 15, myself and a few volunteers left the kitchen early to attend the Solidarity Event To Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline at the Army Corps of Engineers office in downtown Los Angeles. Approximately 2000 people attended and took over the sidewalk for three blocks on Wilshire Blvd. (Our volunteers Pat and Martin are in the above right photo.) At 1:30 we marched six blocks to Pershing Square for a rally. Throughout the demo and march many in cars honked horns in support and many pedestrians also cheered and voiced their support.



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Nov 14 2016

Upcoming Holiday Schedule and Policy Reminder

Emily, Isaiah buttering bread.0986

Please note that Hospitality Kitchen (aka Hippie Kitchen) is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24. However, we will be open on Saturday, November 26.

Further, the kitchen also will be closed on Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24, and Christmas Day (reopen on Tuesday, December 27) and New Years Day (reopen on Tuesday, January 3). We will be open on New Year’s Eve, Saturday, December 31.

Also, we do not accept volunteers working for school service requirements or other forms of community service hours beginning the week after Thanksgiving until the week after Christmas. We do not have space to accommodate the many people who wish to volunteer during this time period.

Thank you. Many blessings. Happy holidays. May your holiday season be safe and filled with joy

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Nov 05 2016

Jeff Interviewed For A Channel 2 News Report On The Homeless And The L.A. Homeless Service Authority



This LINK is to a recent CBS Channel 2 news report on a scandal at the L.A. Homeless Service Authority over spending nearly $100,000 on an office party, expensive office furniture, catered meals, employee gift cards, expensive hiking boots, and more. Watch it.

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Nov 02 2016

Our 2016 El Día de Muertos Altar (Day of the Dead Altar)





The LACW celebrates the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) on November 1 & 2 (All Saints and All Souls Day in the Catholic tradition) to remember, honor, and celebrate the lives of family, friends, and mentors who have gone before us. The top photos are of our altar for 2016, the lower left photo consists of folk art masks created by various community members as directed by our house guest Alberto, who also used them to decorate the wall near our front door. (double click on photos to view in high resolution).

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Oct 31 2016

Skid Row Arts Festival


fabric-art On a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago the L.A. Poverty Department (LAPD) sponsored and organized the Skid Row Arts Festival, held at Gladys Park, across the street from our soup kitchen. Some of us attended and heard the Skid Row Percussionists jam, listened to the spoken word and songs sung, looked at a variety of art, and had friendly conversation. One thing is certain, there is a lot of talent among the folks on the Row. (If you look in the upper left corner of the below poster you will see drawings of Catherine and Jeff.)



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Oct 28 2016

Memorial For Joe Garcia – RIP


joe-garcia-2315 On Wednesday, October 26, we had a memorial for our longtime house guest Joe Garcia, who passed away on October 2, at age 76. Fr. Vince Schwahn was the celebrant. Joe lived with us for 14 years. He was an avid reader and cooked some of the best pinto beans ever. Prior to getting sick Joe made sure there was always milk in the house and often brought fresh baked Mexican sweet bread home from a nearby bakery when walking home from the store. He also loved to sit and chat with anyone who cared to talk, and he loved holding, loving, and feeding our cats. He is and will continue to be missed. JOE GARCIA – ¡PRESENTE!

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Oct 14 2016

2016 International Catholic Worker Gathering



From October 7 – 9, 2016, the Las Vegas Catholic Worker organized and hosted the international gathering of Catholic Workers from around the nation and from Mexico, Germany, Australia, and Amsterdam. Nearly 200 people attended. There were 32 wide-ranging round table discussions from which to choose, a lot of great food and beverages, an open mic talent show on Saturday evening with 20 performers, a liturgy at the Nevada National Security Site (formerly the Nevada Nuclear Test Site) on Sunday morning along with a civil disobedience line crossing action where 30 people were arrested, cited for trespass and immediately released, then lunch at the Goddess Temple, in Cactus Springs, followed by another peace witness and civil disobedience action at Creech AFB, in Indian Springs, where U.S. drones are controlled. There were 13 people arrested at Creech – Brian Terrel, Allison McGillivray, Sam Yergler, Kathy Boylan, Scott Schaefer-Duffy, Claire Schaefer-Duffy, Kelsey Chalmers, Alexandria Addesso, Steve Jacobs, Austin Cook, Phil Runkel, Marcus Collogne, and John Heid. All were transported to Clark County Jail in Las Vegas, processed, cited and released by 11pm with court date pending. It was an absolutely fabulous weekend. See photos HERE.

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Oct 05 2016

October 2016 Agitator

front-cover-october-2016 Here is the OCTOBER Catholic Agitator

In This Issue:

    • The War On People Of Color by Matt Harper
    • Book Review Each Other’s Angels by Jeff Dietrich
    • Justice Betrayed by Theo Kayser
    • We Must Show Up, Be Present And Visible by Shawn Rodine
    • Becoming The Stuff Of Legend by Jeffery Harrel
    • Something Like Home by Gregory Fister
    • Dance Of The Great Firefly by Emily Guerra

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Sep 23 2016

Kitchen Closed Saturday, October 8

Emily, Isaiah buttering bread.0986 Please be advised that Hospitality Kitchen (AKA The Hippie Kitchen) will be closed on Saturday, October 8. The LACW community will be traveling to Las Vegas on Friday, October 7, to attend the International Catholic Worker Gathering hosted by the Las Vegas Catholic Worker. We will return to our normal schedule on Tuesday, October 11. Apologies for the inconvenience. Blessings.

If you are interested in attending go to this LINK for further info. It will be a grand time.

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Sep 18 2016

Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage



seated-1601-041 On September 11, LACW community member Mike Wisniewski and his wife Bonnie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows at Dolores Mission Church surrounded by their four daughters and 11 grandchildren along with community and friends. Following the ceremony and Mass there was a grand celebration where all present had a wonderful time.

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