Jan 09 2017

Jed Has Been Released From Federal Prison

LACW Jed Poole is now home after serving a thirty day sentence for his nonviolent witness at Vandenberg AFB last August 6. Jed was arrested for trespassing while protesting against U.S. war-making and U.S. nuclear weapons policy. We welcome him home and thank him for his witness.

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Jan 06 2017

LACW Sister House In San Bruno Advocates For Tiny Houses

This LINK is to an article in the Mercury News about Peter Stiehler, former LACW and co-founder along with his wife Kate of our sister house in San Bruno, California (San Francisco Bay Area), who is attempting to convince local authorities to allow “tiny houses” to be distributed to the homeless in the Bay Area as a solution to the high cost of housing.

An excerpt:
“Last month, a tiny house on wheels was delivered to his San Bruno nonprofit, Catholic Worker Hospitality House. Once he spruces it up, he plans to use the 105-square-foot abode as a mobile showcase, encouraging his city and others on the Peninsula to tweak their laws in favor of the miniature structures. After that he hopes to let a client use it.

‘We feel that tiny houses can be one of the solutions for creating more affordable housing in our community,’ said Stiehler, whose organization also runs a homeless shelter and a dining room that serves breakfast to about 70 people a day. ‘It’s a quick and easy way to get housing done.’

On a recent morning he gave a quick tour of his cedar-framed tiny house, which sits in the parking lot of a local church. Stiehler said he spent $13,000 on the structure, which is just a shell, and the trailer on which it rests. He figures he’ll spend as much as $10,000 to finish the interior, including a bed, kitchen, work area and bathroom with a composting toilet.”

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Dec 23 2016

2016 Christmas Tree Trimming

On Sunday, December 18, we gathered to put up and decorate our Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols and enjoy a variety of refreshments and baked goods. It was an enjoyable evening in preparation for our Christmas celebration. See photos HERE.

May you have a blessed and joy-filled Christmas. May the Spirit of Christmas permeate our lives and our nation; may each of us not only live Jesus Christ’s message of love, compassion, and healing, but may we also stand in resistance to empire, whose policies are contrary to the Gospel of love and nonviolence preached and lived by Jesus. Let us strive to further God’s nonviolent kin-dom that peace with justice may prevail.

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Dec 22 2016

Annual Homeless Memorial

On Wednesday, December 21, the LACW attended the annual Homeless Memorial for all skid row residents who died over the past year. Catherine again represented the LACW as she read the names of our guests at the Hippie Kitchen, along with Mollie Lowrey, longtime LACW friend and homeless advocate, Fr. Dan Berrigan, SJ, one of our longtime supporters, Bro. Skip Matthews, and our longtime house guest, Joe Garcia. With each person named Catherine gave a brief background of who that person was. It was a nice ceremony to remember and honor our departed sisters and brothers. May they rest in peace.
(Double click on the program at left to enlarge)

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Dec 21 2016

Graveside Memorial For Joe Garcia

On Saturday afternoon, December 17, Catherine lead a graveside memorial to bury the ashes of our longtime house guest Joe Garcia, who passed away on October 2 (see this LINK). Joe’s family attended, along with the LACW community, and other house guests. His grave is in our memorial garden along with other house guests, friends, and family members.

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Dec 15 2016

Upcoming Holiday Schedule and Policy Reminder

Emily, Isaiah buttering bread.0986

Please note that Hospitality Kitchen (aka Hippie Kitchen) is closed on Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24, and Christmas Day (reopen on Tuesday, December 27) and New Years Day (reopen on Tuesday, January 3). We will be open on New Year’s Eve, Saturday, December 31.

Also, we do not accept volunteers working for school service requirements or other forms of community service hours until the end of December. We do not have space to accommodate the many people who wish to volunteer during this time period.

Thank you. Many blessings. Happy holidays. May your holiday season be safe and filled with joy

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Dec 13 2016

Angel City Chorale Concert At The Hippie Kitchen




On Saturday, December 10, the Angel City Chorale again made their annual visit to Skid Row to sing Christmas Carols in our dining garden. Everyone from guests eating in the garden to volunteers and community members thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Each year their performance seems to go up a notch. This year they had a variety of songs from old classics to newer originals. As is the custom, near the end of the concert they spread out among the tables and invited everyone to join in a sing-a-long that included Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and Silent Night. The entire hour was a wonderful holiday treat. Thank you, Angel City Chorale, for making time to visit our garden and spread the holiday spirit. Blessings upon all and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you again next year.

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Dec 09 2016

LACW Jed Poole Self-Surrenders At U.S. Marshall’s Office And Is Now In Jail

At line.1556



On Thursday, December 8, a small group of us accompanied Jed to the U.S. Marshall’s Office downtown Los Angeles behind the federal prison as he self-surrendered to serve a 30-day sentence for a trespass charge he received at Vandenberg Air Force Base on August 6, for protesting against U.S. war-making and U.S. nuclear weapons policy. (See this LINK and this LINK).

If you care to support Jed in his witness you can write to him at:

Jedidiah G. Poole #74334-112
MDC Los Angeles
P.O. BOX 1500

If you care to send him a book or other items, please check out the restrictions and follow the directions at this LINK.

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Dec 08 2016

St. Paul High School 2016 Walk For Hunger






On Sunday, December 4, St. Paul High School, in Santa Fe Springs, had their 44th Annual March For Hunger, which benefits the LACW. The walk begins at Salazar Park in East L.A. and ends at Santa Monica Beach, a 26+ mile journey. The LACW and a few kitchen volunteers greeted the walkers and gave them key chains five miles into the walk. Several LACW community members and volunteers also joined on the walk on a gorgeous, sunny, 63 degree day. We thank all students, faculty, parents, and alumni for walking to help feed our guests at the “Hippie Kitchen.” We wish you many blessings and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Dec 05 2016

December 2016 Agitator

front-cover-december-2016 Here is the DECEMBER Catholic Agitator.

In This Issue:

    • Annual Appeal – Making Simple Dreams Come True by Jeff Dietrich
    • Poor Lives Matter by Maereg Tesfaye
    • Who Is He by Richard Nester
    • Interview With Julia Occhiogrosso
    • We Know We Are Not Alone by Theo Kayser
    • John Perez LACW Volunteer Interview
    • Nuclear Missiles by Alexandria Addesso

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Nov 29 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 At The LACW



This year we had 60 guests at Hennacy House to celebrate Thanksgiving. There was plenty of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, and pies galore along with cookies and candy to feast upon, with football games to watch and plenty of conversations as well. All had a great time. Happy holidays to all.



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Nov 18 2016

Day In Federal Court

At line.1556 LACW community member Jed Poole (right in photo), along with former LACW community member and now Kenya Catholic Worker, David Omondi, and Veterans For Peace activist, Chris Knudson (left in photo), appeared in Santa Barbara Federal Court on Thursday, November 17, for their arrest at Vandenberg AFB on Hiroshima Day, August 6, 2016, in witness against the diabolical insanity of U.S. nuclear weapons policy.

Jed pled “guilty” to a trespass charge, asked for immediate sentencing and was given 30 days in federal prison and $40 in processing fees. His self-surrender date is December 8 before 3pm at the downtown L.A. Metropolitan Detention Center.

David pled “not guilty” to a trespass charge. He has a February 16, 2017 trial date.

Chris pled “guilty” to a trespass charge and was sentenced to one year supervised probation, and a $120 fine along with $40 in processing fees.

LACW Karan Benton, who also was arrested on the same day for violating her “ban and bar” letter, rescheduled her arraignment date to January 19, 2017.

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