Plowshares Activist Clare Grady Speaks At The LACW

On Wednesday, October 3, the LACW hosted Clare Grady, who is one of the seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists. Clare, who is from the Ithaca (New York) Catholic Worker, is currently out on bail and on house arrest with an ankle bracelet, but with permission to be in California for family member’s wedding. Clare’s talk was interrupted by her probation officer who called to ask why she was out past her curfew. He forgot that there is a three hour time difference!

Clare spoke about their plowshares action in general, but specifically read from her affidavit that would justify the defendants’ use of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) as a defense. In the affidavits, the defendants speak about their sincerely-held religious beliefs–based on the Bible and Catholic Social Teaching–and how these beliefs motivated their nonviolent acts of prophetic witness against the government’s possession of nuclear weapons, and the use of such weapons to threaten people, nations, and all life on the planet. Their case is the first time that a court has agreed to consider the peace activists use of the RFRA. If granted it provides a reasonable chance of acquittal of all charges and will set a precedence for all future plowshares actions.

The seven activists, armed with household hammers, crime scene tape, baby bottles containing their own blood, a few banners announcing their action, and an indictment charging the U.S. government with crimes against peace and crimes against humanity, went into the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia on April 4, the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination, to symbolically disarm the weapons.  They had hoped to call attention to the ways in which nuclear weapons kill every day by their mere existence and maintenance. Nuclear weapons eviscerate the rule of law, enforce white supremacy, perpetuate endless war and environmental destruction and ensure impunity for all manner of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Dr. King said, “The ultimate logic of racism is genocide.” We say, “The ultimate logic of Trident is omnicide.” A just and peaceful world is possible when we join prayers with action. Swords into Plowshares!”

Kings Bay Naval Base is one of the largest nuclear submarine bases in the world. It refits and maintains submarines that carry Trident D5 nuclear missiles. The Trident D5 is a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), built by Lockheed Martin.  Each submarine carries the capacity to cause devastation equivalent to 600 Hiroshima size bombs. Thus, the six Tridents maintained at Kings Bay have the capacity to cause the devastation of 3600 Hiroshima-scale attacks. Therefore it is nothing less than an omnicidal weapon–with the destructive force to vaporize the entire planet. To learn more visit  or

NOTE: A video of the talk will be posted here in the near future.

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October 2018 Agitator

Here Is The OCTOBER Catholic Agitator

In This Issue: 

Technology: Good or Evil?

  • There Is A Dark Side To The History Of This Innovation by Micah Wullschleger
  • Blasphemous by Theo Kayser
  • New Jersey CW Update by Alexandria Addesso
  • Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse And Cover-Up by Jeff Dietrich
  • We Have Been Duped by Matt Harper
  • Interview With Jesse And Martha Lewis

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Kings Bay Plowshares Activist Clare Grady To Speak At The LACW

The LACW will host Clare Grady, one of the seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists, and member of the Ithaca (NY) Catholic Worker, as a guest speaker on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, at 6pm at Hennacy House, 632 N. Brittania St, L.A. 90033. All are welcome. Bring a friend. Potluck dinner follows.

Learn more about the Kings Bay Plowshares HERE, HERE, HERE, and an interview with Clare HERE.

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Hospitality/Hippie Kitchen Closed On Saturday, September 8 and 15

Please be advised that the LACW soup kitchen will be closed on Saturday, September 8, for a day-long planning meeting. We will be back on our regular schedule on Tuesday, September 11.

The kitchen will also be closed on Saturday, September 15, for a Catholic Worker gathering. We will be back on our regular schedule on Tuesday, September 18. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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Fenced Out: Los Angeles Businesses Find New Way To Keep Away Homeless

This LINK is to an excellent article in the Guardian on the latest tactic by the businesses on Skid Row to harass, demean, and make life even more miserable for the houseless human beings living on the streets.

The question that begs to be asked: What kind of society are we that continues to allow homelessness and continuous harassment and degradation of these human beings acceptable?

An excerpt: “The day the fence arrived, Gabe was sitting next to his tent, right at the heart of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. It was a chain link fence – about six feet tall – placed at the edge of the sidewalk, where it neatly enclosed Gabe, his neighbors, and the tented homes they have made for themselves on the streets of what is sometimes called the homeless capital of the country.

“They put the whole sidewalk inside the fence,” said Gabe, an older black man with kind eyes and a disarming demeanor who has lived on the streets of Skid Row for about five years. He was scaling a fish over a red plastic cooler as he talked. “I felt like we were in prison on the sidewalk. It felt like we were in prison and could get out, but still in prison, you know what I mean?”

Local activists and police officers were called. Eventually, the chain-link fence was moved to free Gabe and his neighbors. It wouldn’t be the last of the fences.”

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Nuclear Hypocrisy

This LINK is to an article that recently appeared in the Santa Barbara Independent concerning ongoing protests at Vandenberg Air Force Base against U.S. nuclear weapons policy. The article is actually a statement formulated and signed by 91 activists who have been arrested while protesting at the base, including LACW community members. The names of the 91 are listed in alphabetical order at the end of the statement.

An excerpt: “The United States brought nuclear weapons into the world. It is the only country to have used them, and it did so on innocent civilians.

Nuclear weapons are now many times more powerful than the fission bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They make no nation safer but imperil all nations and the planet we all live on. Nuclear weapons are intrinsically immoral.

Fifty years ago, the United States signed the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons. We joined the four other nuclear countries in 1968 to promise to work “in good faith” toward “complete disarmament,” while other nations that signed the treaty agreed to never obtain them.
The current nuclear arsenal of the United States, however, and its plans to modernize its nuclear weaponry over the next 30 years (at a cost of $1.2 trillion, according to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office), radically belie the promise our nation made when it signed the Nonproliferation Treaty. Our country’s current deployment of more than 1,500 nuclear warheads in its triad of intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic bombers, and submarine-launched ballistic missiles endows us with monstrous nuclear capacity and supremacy over all other nations…

So, 50 years after promising to help purge the world of nuclear weapons, our nation insanely believes the best way to prevent the use of nuclear weapons is to assure that they are ever more effective. Moreover, we have the audacity to demand that other nations such as Iran and North Korea not have such weapons.

Has there ever been a greater and more dangerous hypocrisy in the history of civilization?”

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August 2018 Agitator

Here is the AUGUST Catholic Agitator

In This Issue:

      • Immigration by Karan Founds-Benton
      • Statement of Detainees
      • New LACW Sister House in New Jersey by Alexandria Addesso
      • My Great-Great Grandfather Came by Steamship by Micah Wullschleger
      • Fences and Borders For Skid Row Poor by Matt Harper
      • Radical Act of Hospitality by Theo Kayser
      • Poor Peoples Campaign Takes D.C. by Dimitri Kadiev
      • The Soul of the Nation by Reclaiming

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Hippie Kitchen Closed Tuesday, August 7

We Remember August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945

Never forget that the U.S. imperial war machine is the ONLY nation in human history to use nuclear weapons, killing more than 200,000 human beings created in God’s image and likeness, primarily women, children, and the elderly, and leaving countless more to suffer from cancer and other illnesses related to radiation exposure. Now more than ever, we must redouble our efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons. We the people MUST resist U.S. nuclear policy and tirelessly work to eliminate the most diabolical weapons ever made and U.S. imperial aggression that assures their use again.

Disarm and Repent! Abolish Nuclear Weapons. War No More!

Hospitality Kitchen (AKA Hippie Kitchen) will be closed Tuesday, August 7. The L.A. Catholic Worker will travel to Vandenberg Air Force Base, on the central coast near Santa Maria, to commemorate the 73nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, protest against U.S. nuclear weapons policy, including missile testing at Vandenberg AFB, and call for an end to U.S. imperial war-making. We will return to our regular serving schedule on Thursday, August 9.

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Happy Birthday, Bill Hoard!

One of our very first guests to eat at the Hippie Kitchen 48 years ago, and longtime friend, Bill Hoard, recently celebrated his 77th birthday. Jeff and Alex picked him up at the convalescent home where he lives and took him to Hollywood to visit his favorite cartoon character’s star (Snoopy), then took him to a restaurant to enjoy one of his favorite meals, BBQ Chicken.

Bill still comes to our kitchen almost every Saturday, via Access Transportation, to spend a few hours with us and enjoy the dining garden and hand out trinkets to other guests. Happy Birthday, Bill! We wish you many blessings.

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LACW Has Major Plumbing Issues













The LACW has serious issues with the plumbing in our 131 year old Victorian house. Some of our community members and interns have, for days, in the heat and with much sweat, been manually digging 12 foot deep holes for the plumbers to access and replace the old pipes. These are photos of the labor involved.

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Meet Our 2018 Summer Interns

Our Summer Interns have arrived. Each has displayed an eagerness to learn more about our work and the Catholic Worker movement, and get to know us, our house guests, and our soup kitchen guests.

In photo from left to right are: Romario Quijano (Austin, TX), Mayer Cook-Tonkin (Castlemaine, Australia), Benny Mattis (Townsend, MA), Angelica Brown (Portland, OR), Yesenia Vasquez (Los Angeles, CA). We warmly welcome them and wish them a very blessed and fruitful summer living and working with us.

Check back to this post regularly for updates and many more photos. See photos HERE.

(NOTE: Double click on this and all photos to view in high resolution)

UPDATE: August 5 – Our interns have participated in and enjoyed resistance vigils, a Hospitality Day, three pool parties, three picnics, participated in a craft day with our artist guest, Alberto, listened to a several speakers, and attended five liturgies thus far. See photos HERE.

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LACW Attends Families Belong Together March

On Saturday, June 30, after the kitchen closed, a few LACWs joined with more than 70,000 others for the Families Belong Together March/Rally.

Although we missed the march itself, we were able to make it for the final 25 minutes of the rally outside the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center, where immigrants are held.

See photos HERE.

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