Jun 11 2017

New Skid Row Mural Dedication

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, after serving at our soup kitchen, we gathered at Catch 21 Restaurant, one block from the kitchen, to dedicate and bless the new mural by our traveling muralist friend, Dimitri Kadiev, who had assistance from a few friends and other Skid Row artists. The theme of the mural is Sacred Water, which is scarce for our homeless friends on Skid Row. The L.A. Catholic Worker Hospitality Kitchen (aka the Hippie Kitchen) is the primary source of water for many. People are allowed to fill many containers of various sizes with water from our garden faucet and from our ice-cold water in Igloo containers during serving hours. The amount of water we serve each week is incalculable, thus very sacred.

For the blessing Jeff used a reading from the Book of Prophet Isaiah, chapter 55, as the prayer: “All you who are thirsty, come to the water! You who have no money, come, receive grain to eat; Come without paying and without cost…” And he used a small branch of leaves from a shade tree in our dining garden to dip into a pitcher of water drawn from our garden faucet to bless the mural.

In the photo on left is Catch 21 owner Kenny Choa, artist/muralist Dimitri Kadiev, Catherine Morris and Jeff Dietrich of the L.A. Catholic Worker. In photo on right is Jeff and Catherine standing in front of their mural depiction. See more photos HERE.

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Jun 06 2017

June 2017 Agitator

Here is the JUNE Catholic Agitator.

In This Issue:

    • Bring Back The Draft by Jeff Dietrich
    • Wages Of Rebellion – Book Review by Mike Wisniewski
    • From Sanctuary To Liberation by Matt Harper
    • Defending The Sacred by Dimitri Kadiev
    • Anarchism by Alexandria Addesso
    • Stop Abuse by Megan Ramsey

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Jun 05 2017

Our Guest-Worker, George Shkara, Has Released A New Music Video

Our guest-worker, George Shkara, who not only cooks at our soup kitchen, but is also developing a singing career, recently played a local club where he released his new single. Many LACW community members were there in support and witness his amazing talent. This LINK is to the official video of the single, Love Me Back. Also at the link is another video he has of a Noah Cyrus cover, Make me Cry. Great work, George!

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Jun 04 2017

Vacationing Family From Midwest

On Saturday, June 3, we had a unique group of volunteers at our soup kitchen to serve the Skid Row poor and homeless. The McInerney family, from Lincoln, Nebraska, were on a family vacation road trip and while on the road, wanted to find a way to serve those in need. They had some prior knowledge of the Catholic Worker movement and while planning their trip looked online for a soup kitchen and found the LACW. They called and made reservations and upon arriving in Los Angeles found their way to the kitchen. They were very excited and grateful that their entire family was allowed to work together.

In the above photo are Alexa, Lisa (mom), Julia, Allen (dad), Tessa, and Lydia. They were great volunteers eager to work and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you McInerney family! Many blessings. (Click on photo for high resolution viewing)

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May 31 2017

L.A. Homeless Population Continues To Increase

New figures released show the homeless population in Los Angeles County took another big leap. More than 57,000 fellow human beings now live on the streets, in shelters, or in vehicles parked on the streets. Yet many still consider this a “great” nation. How can anyone take pride in this disgraceful tragedy when it exists in the wealthiest nation in human history. How much longer will “we the people” tolerate these tragic crises? This LINK and this LINK provide more grim and tragic information.

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May 22 2017

David Omondi Sentenced To Six Months In Federal Prison

Former L.A. Catholic Worker community member David Omondi was sentenced to six months imprisonment on Thursday, May 18, by Federal Magistrate Judge Louise LaMonthe, in Santa Barbara Federal Court. However, David notified the court of his intention to appeal the guilty verdict he received on February 16, 2017 for his arrest at Vandenberg AFB last August, and the sentence he received as a result. David has 14 days to file the appeal and is not required to self report to the federal prison in downtown Los Angeles until after the appeal verdict (if he loses). David cannot leave the country, which means he cannot return to Nairobi, Kenya, to continue Amani House, the Catholic Worker he founded.

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May 16 2017

Volunteers Needed

We are in need of volunteers. If you or someone you know is available on Tuesday’s and/or Thursday’s from 7:30am to 1pm and would like to utilize your time helping to serve the Skid Row poor, we would greatly appreciate your presence at our soup kitchen to help with food preparation, serving our guests, and clean up after closing. No experience required. All that is needed is a friendly disposition, a bright smile, and a willingness to work. See this LINK for more info. Parking is available at or near the kitchen and we are relatively close to bus stops and Union Station. This opportunity can be weekly or at your convenience. Thank you.

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May 02 2017

LACW In The News

The Angelus, (Formerly The Tidings) the official publication of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, has an article about the LACWs Anti-War Stations Of The Cross. It can be read at this LINK. NOTE: The print edition has four photographs accompanying the article whereas the online edition only has one.

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Apr 29 2017

2017 Catholic Worker Seder Of Liberation

On Sunday, April 23, we celebrated our 42nd annual Catholic Worker Seder of Liberation. It was a great success with 68 people in attendance. Everyone had a enjoyable time. Sarah Fuller was the MC, with Alan Pulnar, Larry Gunsalus, and Judy Kehr as our head table Hagaddah readers. There were poignant personal stories of liberation shared, and after the Seder, we enjoyed a great meal with plenty of food and tasty desserts.

Thank you to all who came and shared a dish. If you did not attend, we suggest that you plan ahead for next year (the Sunday after Easter). Guaranteed you will not regret it. See photos HERE.

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Apr 21 2017

2017 Good Friday Anti-War Stations of the Cross

On April 14, we had our annual Good Friday Anti-war Stations of the Cross, which again was very successful. The weather was perfect and more than 60 people joined us for our annual walk to places of darkness in the downtown area. Donald Nollar again put together a succinct and meaningful script, and we had two very articulate readers. A big THANK YOU to all who participated. See you again next year, and invite others to join us. See photos HERE. View and download this year’s script HERE.

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Apr 17 2017

No More War!

On Friday, April 7, the day after the U.S. fired 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria, a contingent of organizations and Syrian immigrants came together to protest the bombing. The group took the streets of downtown L.A. during rush hour and marched to ensure that Angelenos knew there were many who were not in support of the U.S.’ further violence and destruction in the Middle East. L.A. Catholic Workers Jed, Dimitri and Matt along with longtime friend Rufo joined the march, which ended at City Hall.

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Apr 13 2017

Flowers For Skid Row

The Hippie Kitchen gets many different and wonderful volunteers. Many come to offer their much-needed support in the preparation of and in serving our beans, salad, and bread. Others still envision new offerings for the downtown houseless population served at the Hippie Kitchen.

Ashley and Greer have been volunteering as part of their high school’s community service requirements. However, in wanting to do something more, they coordinated to bring materials to provide potted plants to the residents that frequent our kitchen. They returned on Friday, March 24, with 25 pots they had made in their pottery class along with potting soil and a variety of flowers and herbs. They spent the morning offering folks a chance to pick a pot and plant to take with them. It did not take long for all the pots and plants to go. Folks are still talking about their plants they took for themselves or for a friend. A big THANK YOU to Ashley and Greer.

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