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Shopping Cart Victory Parade

On September 5, 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, 2-1, that the personal possessions homeless people leave for a short time on city sidewalks cannot be seized and summarily destroyed. Homeless people have a right to “security in their person and their property.” This decision upholds our 4th Amendment right against illegal search …

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Help Save Gangjeong Jeju Island (Island of peace).

The U.S. is directly behind the building of a large naval base on Gangjeong, Jeju Island (Island of peace), 50 miles off the coast of South Korea. The island is a paradise of sorts with the world’s largest and most spectacular soft coral forest and other coastal treasures, plus part of the island contains fertile …

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This David Horsey Cartoon (Courtesy of the L.A. Times) Places Matters Into Proper Perspective.

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Jeff’s Hour Long Radio Interview and L.A. Times Op-Ed Piece

Jeff recently was interviewed on the Blog Talk Radio program “Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom,” where he gave a live description of a day at the kitchen as well as a history of the Catholic Worker movement, the LACW, and his and Catherine’s personal story. Listen or download HERE. Also, in the Monday, August 20 edition …

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LACW Joins LA CAN and Occupy LA at “Chalkupy”

On Thursday, August 9, the LACW joined with the L.A. Community Action Network (LA CAN) and Occupy Los Angeles (OLA) at the “Chalkupy” event at Pershing Square in conjunction with the L.A. Art Walk in downtown L.A. There were no arrests and the LAPD behaved much better than last month’s Art Walk fiasco where two …

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Five Catholic Workers Arrested on Hiroshima Day 2012

As part of our summer program we travel to Vandenberg AFB to vigil against the horrific activities conducted at Vandenberg and in remembrance of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and demand NEVER AGAIN! This year five Catholic Workers were arrested: Theo Kayser; Barbara Robinson; Rebecca Casas and David Omondi from the LACW, and …

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Sheba, the Queen of Skid Row R.I.P.

The June issue of the Catholic Agitator contains a story about Sheba, the Queen of Skid Row, the dog that spent at least 15 years on Skid Row, cared for over the years by various owners. As reported in the August issue of the Agitator, Sheba was hit by a car and died on June …

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August 2012 Agitator

Here is the August

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PLC 13 – Charges Dropped

The 13 people arrested at the March, 19, 2012 PLC “Occupy Vandenberg” action, including four LACW’s (Mike Wisniewski, David Omondi, Rebecca Casas, Theo Kayser), received a surprise mid afternoon, Wednesday, July 18, the day before their arraignment appearance: all were notified that the trespass charges were dropped on recommendation of the Vandenberg AFB Legal Dept. …

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Our 2012 Summer Interns Have Arrived

Our 2012 summer interns have arrived and they have expressed excitement for spending the next six weeks with us and learning about life on Skid Row and the many injustices that create and perpetuate poverty and oppression in the lives of so many of God’s people.This year’s interns include (from left to right) Celsiana Warwick, …

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New Genesis Apartments Protest

On Tuesday, June 26, The LACW joined with Alice Callaghan, LA Can, and Occupy Skid Row to protest the opening of the New Genesis Apartments, which is the former Genesis Hotel renovated by Skid Row Housing Trust (SRHT). Originally the renovation project was to include low income units to accommodate some of the Skid Row …

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2012 Volunteer Thank You Party

On June 24, 2012, Tom & Anne Smet (Jeff’s brother in-law and sister) hosted our 2012 Volunteer Thank You Party. It was a great time with good conversations, good food, plenty of sunshine and a variety of refreshments, and good music for dancing. All had a wonderful time. Thank you volunteers, without you the “Hippie …

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