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The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning

Here is the LINK to another excellent Chris Hedges piece on how Pfc. Bradley Manning is being railroaded and silenced as other prophetic-type persons who dared stand against empire were. A must read.

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June 2013 Agitator

Here is the June Catholic Agitator In This Issue: Grace, Guts, And Luck by Jeff Dietrich Transform Now Plowshares by Mike Wisniewski Bradley Manning: Saving The Soul Of America by David Omondi An English Teacher On Skid Row by Richard Nester A Harsh And Dreadful Love by Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Aims And Means

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Dennis Apel Case Goes To Supreme Court

On June 3, Dennis Apel, from the Guadalupe Catholic Worker, received a notice from his attorney, Constitutional specialist Erwin Chemerinsky, informing him that the Supreme Court decided to hear his case, 12-1038 USA v John Dennis Apel. The case involves the easement and ban and bar issues. Vandenberg AFB officials said anyone with a Ban …

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It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to Theo and Nicole as they begin a new chapter in their lives. They have decided to travel to a few Catholic Worker communities, including the Half Moon Bay Catholic Worker with Eric DeBode and Alice Linsmeier, an aunt of Nicole, before heading to the Midwest, …

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Rise Up Or Die

Here is a LINK to another excellent Chris Hedges article on the state of affairs in this nation that few are seeing within the fascist corporate police state now in control.

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LACW Remembers Guantanamo Prisoners

Friday, May 17, marked day 100 of the over 130 Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike till death. In support of Guantanamo’s closure, an end to torture, and release of the 84 prisoners cleared for release over 5 years ago, yet remain indefinitely detained. The LACW went to our usual vigil spot on Alameda St. and …

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Baby Hazel Flora Pilolla’s Baptism

On May 15, 2013, the LACW was honored and proudly officiated at the baptism of baby Hazel Flora Pilolla, daughter of former community member Alecia Stuchlik and longtime friend, Ed Pilolla, at our Wednesday evening liturgy. Catherine and Martha officiated. It was a special and memorable evening. View photos HERE.

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LACW Jeff Dietrich On European Tour

Jeff currently is in Europe for a dual purpose: to promote his book, Broken and Shared, and attend and speak at the European Catholic Worker Gathering in Cudham, England (south of London), from May 16 to 20.

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LACW Receives Two Citations For Serving Breakfast On The Street

On Friday, May 3, and Wednesday, May 8, The LAPD and Department of Public Works arrived at the place where we have served breakfast to over 100 people for the past 18 years (corner of 4th St. and Merrick Ave., right by the 4th Street Bridge) and issued citations for “Obstructing Public Right of Way” …

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Transform Now Plowshares Activists Found Guilty

On Wednesday evening, May 8, the jury ended deliberation with a guilty verdict on both charges, Vandalism and Sabotage. A bond hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning. They now face up to 20 years in prison. A literal death sentence. This LINK is to the story and video prior to the verdict. This LINK is …

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Transform Now Plowshares Activists Interviewed On CNN

Here is a LINK to a short 3 minute interview on CNN with Greg Bortge-Obed, 57, Sr. Megan Rice, 83, and Mike Wali, 63, the three Plowshares activists who broke into the Y-12 nuclear weapons complex and now face what amounts to a life sentence in federal prison for their act of peacemaking. Their trial …

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In Celebration of the Catholic Worker Movement’s 80th Anniversary

This LINK is to a very good article by Frida Berrigan, daughter of Phil Berrigan and Elizabeth McAlister, of Jonah House, who spent seven months at Mary House, part of the New York Catholic Worker. It is a reflection of her life and the CW movement, and its founders Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.

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