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Upcoming Holiday Schedule and Policy Reminder

Please note that Hospitality Kitchen (Hippie Kitchen) is closed on Thanksgiving Day. However, we will be open on Saturday, November 24. Further, the kitchen also will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Also, we do not accept volunteers working for school service requirements or other forms of community service hours from Thanksgiving …

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Three Arrested in Vandenberg Backcountry Action

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 21, 2012 Contact: tierralinda@live.com Nonviolent Backcountry Resisters Cause Disruptive Breach of Vandenberg Air Force Base Security Zones. For the first time in nearly a decade, nonviolent civil resisters caused a disruptive breach of the backcountry security zones at Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB), coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Cuban …

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Fines For Hiroshima Day Resisters

Three of the five Hiroshima Day resisters (Theo Kayser, David Omondi, and Tensie Hernandez-Apel) appeared in Santa Barbara federal court on Thursday, October 18, pleaded guilty, whereby each received a $150 fine plus court costs. All three stated that paying a fine and court costs is not acceptable and stated their refusal to pay. No …

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Successful Art Fair/Book Sale Event

On Sunday, October 14, 2012, The LACW hosted an Art Fair and Book Sale to benefit our Sister House, Casa Colibri, in Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco, Mexico. Former LACW community member Manuel Hernandez offered a large selection of his amazing art work, including pottery, quilts, handmade pillows, large and small papel picado, photo frames, T-shirts, and more. …

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Christmas-Only Offer

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Art Fair/Book Sale

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Heather King Article

Below is a link to a great article by longtime LACW friend and author, Heather King, entitled The Really Dangerous Idea is in the Gospels, which was read during our liturgy at our recent retreat. It is published in Portland, The University of Portland Magazine. Autumn 2012 edition on page 34. Here is a PDF …

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October 2012 Agitator

Here is the October CATHOLIC AGITATOR In This Issue: In California: Ending the Death Penalty by Eric DeBode Catholic Worker Christmas Gifts Interview With Murphy Davis on the Death Penalty Sr. Anne Montgomery – R.I.P. The Great Shopping Cart Victory Parade by Jeff Dietrich Wikileaks – Coming To Light by Theo Kayser Colombia Embattled by …

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Sister House Retreat 2012

Each year the LACW joins with our sister houses for a retreat at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center in Montecito, near Santa Barbara. This year’s facilitator was Frank Cordaro, from the Des Moines Catholic Worker. Frank is founder of the Des Moines Worker, where he has remained for the past 36 years. He is …

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Shopping Cart Victory Parade

On September 5, 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, 2-1, that the personal possessions homeless people leave for a short time on city sidewalks cannot be seized and summarily destroyed. Homeless people have a right to “security in their person and their property.” This decision upholds our 4th Amendment right against illegal search …

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Help Save Gangjeong Jeju Island (Island of peace).

The U.S. is directly behind the building of a large naval base on Gangjeong, Jeju Island (Island of peace), 50 miles off the coast of South Korea. The island is a paradise of sorts with the world’s largest and most spectacular soft coral forest and other coastal treasures, plus part of the island contains fertile …

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This David Horsey Cartoon (Courtesy of the L.A. Times) Places Matters Into Proper Perspective.

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