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Oct 23 2017

City Hall Toilet Action

A few LACW community members hit the streets on Skid Row today and collected a trash bag of used disposable towel wipes that we handed out as well as signatures on a toilet, all of which will be used in our city hall toilet action this Wednesday, October 25, at 10am. We have also collected …

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Oct 23 2017

Join Us At The 2017 Anarchist Book Fair

The LACW will have a table at the upcoming 2017 Los Angeles Anarchist Book Fair on Saturday, October 28, and Sunday, October 29 at Leimert Park Village, located on W. 43rd Pl between Degnan Blvd & Leimert Blvd, L.A. 90008. Parking available ($2/day) on 43rd and Degna. If you are looking for good reading material, …

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Oct 20 2017

Wednesday Evening Liturgy

If you are not aware, the LACW has a weekly liturgy each Wednesday evening and we welcome anyone who is interested to join us. We begin at 6pm followed by a potluck dinner and socializing. Our liturgies vary from having ordained ministers/priests presiding or lay presider(s) depending on availability of our ordained friends. All of …

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Oct 17 2017


Fr. Richard McSorley, SJ, October 2, 1914 – October 17, 2002 Richard McSorley, SJ lead an extraordinary life and became a world renowned peacemaker. He was the second oldest of 15 children. As a Jesuit Scholastic, he, along with other Jesuits, was interred by the Japanese from 1941-1945. As a parish priest in southern Maryland …

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Oct 16 2017


An invitation to sacred resistance of inhumane policies towards refugees on Saturday, November 4, 2017, from 9am-12:30pm, at Knox Presbyterian Church, 225 South Hill Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106. What is happening to refugees and unaccompanied minors under new Executive Orders, quotas, and enforcement priorities? What are the push factors for refugee and asylum seekers in …

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Oct 12 2017

October 2017 Agitator

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Oct 12 2017

Skid Row Story – The Containment Plan (Episode 279)

This LINK is to the Skid Row story. Although somewhat dated, it is very relevant to understanding the many issues affecting the area near downtown called Skid Row. Jeff and Catherine (among other Skid Row activists) are interviewed for this 27 minute audio documentary (by 99% Invisible) on the history of Skid Row and the …

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Oct 09 2017


This LINK is to a very disturbing and upsetting article on recently declassified documents pertaining to a particular CIA black site in Afghanistan and the torture that was part of daily routine against the victims held there. The families of a murdered victim and two surviving victims filed a lawsuit against John “Bruce” Jessen and …

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Oct 08 2017

Hepatitis “A” Outbreak In Los Angeles And What You Can Do To Help

While the Hepatitis A outbreak announced by Los Angeles Health officials in September may come as no surprise to readers of C3’s study in July, which found that toilets on skid row are less accessible than in Syrian refugee camps, L.A. City Council members are still just talking about a plan for portable toilets, but …

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Oct 06 2017

Kate Hennessy, Dorothy Day’s Granddaughter, Visits the LACW

On Friday, September 29, Kate Hennessy, granddaughter of Catholic Worker Co-founder Dorothy Day, visited the LACW to do a reading from her new book, Dorothy Day: The World Will Be Saved By Beauty and talk about her life with her mother (Tamar) and grandmother and answer questions. As the writer in the family, Kate’s new …

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Oct 04 2017


The sobering article behind this LINK has us content with the rapidly collapsing U.S. Empire. Unless “we the people” promptly act to nonviolently overturn this entire system, the outcome scenario is extremely grim. An excerpt: “The American empire is coming to an end. The U.S. economy is being drained by wars in the Middle East …

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Oct 01 2017

First Annual LACW Art Show

On Sunday, September 24, the LACW hosted its First Annual Art Show with art work by LACW community members, guests, and friends. There were displays throughout the house and outside around the property. There was a self-guided tour to see the various pieces of art donated over the years hanging on the walls throughout the …

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