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Day 43 – Lenten Hunger Strike Raises Profile of Los Angeles Homeless Crisis

There are two more media outlets that have run good stories on Kaleb and the homeless and housing crises. See this LINK and this LINK. An excerpt: “As a homelessness crisis escalates in both Los Angeles County and neighboring Orange County, California, members of Catholic Worker communities have taken action to encourage local governments and …

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Day 37 – Fasting On Skid Row

Kaleb is still hanging in there, doing okay, though a bit wet from the rain and tired. He is looking forward to Easter Sunday morning when he will unchain himself from the fence, attend an Easter service on the street, then delve into a fish dinner and a Modelo from Catch 21 restaurant, one of …

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The lengthy article behind this LINK poses an interesting, yet frightening scenario. The author leads the reader through the past 85 years of U.S. history, providing many incidents and facts that make it very difficult to disagree that this nation has indeed experienced a coup. An excerpt: “The part of this improbable administration that’s not …

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2018 Good Friday Anti-War Stations of the Cross/Seder of Liberation

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Day 28 – Kaleb Is Still hanging In There

Kaleb was doing okay this afternoon. He was preparing for a group of students from Denver to visit and interview him. He was also notified that the Sanitation Department would be sweeping the block tomorrow, which is highly unusual since the regular sweep day for 5th Street is Monday, as it was last week. It …

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LACW Mike Wisniewski Risks Arrest At U.S. Representative’s Office

On Tuesday, March 6, LACW community member Mike Wisniewski joined 10 others in a nonviolent direct action at Republican U.S. Representative Steve Knight’s office in Santa Clarita, in the northeastern part of Los Angeles County. The nonviolent action was sponsored by L.A. Voice–Pico and CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice), and was a …

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Arrests Of Skid Row Homeless Increases In 2017

On Tuesday, March 6, day 20 of Kaleb’s hunger strike, Councilman Jose Huizar came to Skid Row to visit Kaleb and talk with him about the homeless crisis. He told Kaleb that he would like for him to attend City Council Meetings and voice his support for initiatives that Huizar wants to implement (including in …

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LACW Kaleb Havens Not Arrested–So Far.

On Monday, March 5, the City of Los Angeles Sanitation Department Street Cleaners and LAPD chose not to sweep the block that Kaleb is on in order not to deal with a confrontation with the 57 friends who gathered in support of Kaleb and his hunger strike–day 19. There was a press conference with Channel …

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Kaleb Risks Arrest

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Who’s Taking Charge Of The Homeless Crisis?

The sixth in a series of L.A. Times EDITORIALS on the homeless crisis is, like the first, spot on and highlights why LACW Kaleb Havens struggles on day 17 of his hunger strike. Bottom line, City and County officials simply do nor care enough to do anything significant to end the crisis. Everyone wants to …

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Los Angeles’ Homeless Crisis Is a National Disgrace

If you have not the opportunity to read the excellent Los Angeles Times editorial from the Sunday, February 25 edition, you can do so HERE. It is by far the best editorial they have ever published on the homeless crisis in Los Angeles, and it is why LACW Kaleb Havens is on day 15 of …

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LACW Kaleb Havens Photo Used With Housing Story In L.A. Times

A Los Angeles Times article in the Thursday, February 22, 2018 print edition highlighted Kaleb’s photo with Emily Alpert Reyes’ article about Los Angeles lawmakers pledging to provide at least 222 housing units for homeless people. See article HERE. Today, Saturday, February 24, is Day 11 of Kaleb’s 46-day hunger strike. He is holding up …

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