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Jesse and Martha Farewell

On Saturday, April 14, we had a farewell party at Catch 21 Seafood Restaurant for Martha and Jesse, who have now retired from LACW community life. Martha spent 25 years with the community and Jesse spent 18 years with us. It was a fun-filled party with a live band that played reggae (a band that …

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Although MLK Day is passed, I came across this REFLECTION that I believe worthy of sharing. An excerpt: “Contemporary Christian Music and overt white supremacy aren’t the only principalities that refuse to die. The real pain and suffering are inflicted by stubborn structural issues that come with a predictable disclaimer in suburbia: But that doesn’t …

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If you are interested in writing to the seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists, here is information about sending them mail. 1. They can only receive plain white postcards with the pre-printed stamp (available for purchase at the post office). Please do not use regular, stick on stamps. 2. The address is: Camden County Detention Facility, …

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Join members of the the LACW at the Boyle Heights MAY DAY MARCH – Tuesday, May 1, 2pm. Meet at Cesar Chavez and Matthews. The focus is immigration, police killings, and public education. For more info see the CENTRO CSO Facebook page.

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The Golden Rule Project aims to advance Veterans For Peace opposition to nuclear weapons and war, and to do so in a dramatic fashion. The Project has recovered and restored the original peace boat, the Golden Rule, that set sail in 1958 to stop nuclear testing in the atmosphere, and which inspired many peacemakers and …

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2018 Catholic Worker Seder Of Liberation

On Sunday, April 8, we celebrated our 43rd annual Catholic Worker Seder of Liberation, again held at Throop Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena. It was a great success with 56 people in attendance. Everyone had a very enjoyable time. LACW Susan Dietrich was the MC, former LACW Rev. Elizabeth Griswold, her husband Rabbi Seth Castleman, …

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A Short Documentary On The Homeless and Housing Crises In Los Angeles

The below informative 14 minute video was filmed and edited by John Dentino, one of our volunteers at the Hippie Kitchen. It deals with LACW Kaleb Havens recent 46 day hunger and housing strike chained to a fence on Skid Row, our work at the LACW, and most importantly, with the homeless and housing crises …

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PRESS RELEASE Paul Magno 202-321-6650 Jessica Stewart 207-266-0919 Brian Hynes 718-838-2636 Kingsbayplowshares on facebook Kings Bay Plowshares Seven Catholic plowshares activists were detained early Thursday morning at the Kings Bay Naval Base St. Mary’s Georgia. Calling themselves Kings Bay Plowshares, they entered on Wednesday night April 4 and went to make real the prophet Isaiah’s …

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April 2018 Agitator

Here is the APRIL Catholic Agitator In This Issue: Starving For Justice by Kaleb Havens Lament, Repent, Repair: An Open Letter On Racism by Midwest Catholic Workers Book Review: Just Call Me Jerzy by Mike Wisniewski Los Angeles: U.S. Capitol Of Homelessness by Susan Dietrich Challenging The Acceptance Of The Police by Matt Harper Starvation …

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2018 Good Friday Anti-War Stations Of The Cross

On Friday, March 30, about 70 people gathered at the Roybal Federal Building in downtown to walk and meditate on the Anti-War Stations of the Cross. The weather was perfect for our annual walk to places of darkness in the downtown area. This year Matt Harper and Susan Dietrich took over the duties of putting …

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Kaleb Ends His Hunger and Housing Strike

On Easter Sunday, at 9:45am, about 60 people gathered to celebrate with Kaleb as he unchained himself from the fence, then led a prayer service that included chanting, a reading by Kaleb, an introduction song to Psalm 23 by Tyson, one of our kitchen guests, Skid Row Pastor Cue then gave an inspirational reading of …

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Day 43 – Lenten Hunger Strike Raises Profile of Los Angeles Homeless Crisis

There are two more media outlets that have run good stories on Kaleb and the homeless and housing crises. See this LINK and this LINK. An excerpt: “As a homelessness crisis escalates in both Los Angeles County and neighboring Orange County, California, members of Catholic Worker communities have taken action to encourage local governments and …

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