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Dec 06 2017


In the article behind this LINK, retired Catholic Bishop Tom Gumbleton, who was on the committee that formed the 1983 Catholic Bishop’s Peace Pastoral Letter, The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Response, has stated that the U.S. bishops must begin challenging the government to disarm in light of Pope Francis’ November 10 statement …

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Dec 06 2017

December 2017 Agitator

Here is the December Catholic Agitator In This Issue: Slow But Steady – Christmas 2017 Appeal by Jeff Dietrich Fighting For Skid Row Toilets, A Matter Of Dignity by Matt Harper Racism And The Lost Cause – Letter To The Editor by Richard Nester Better Know a Volunteer by Sarah Fuller and Theo Kayser At …

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Dec 04 2017

St. Paul High School 2017 Walk For Hunger

On Sunday, December 3, St. Paul High School, in Santa Fe Springs, had their 45th Annual March For Hunger, which benefits the LACW. The walk begins at Salazar Park in East L.A. and ends at Santa Monica Beach, a 26+ mile journey. The LACW and a few kitchen volunteers greeted the walkers and gave them …

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Dec 03 2017


This LINK is a good article on the call for Christians to participate in civil disobedience as a faith witness. An excerpt: “There are a lot of ways to change the world. Going to jail isn’t the only way to do it. But it is one way. Some of the great movers and shakers of …

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Dec 01 2017

Memorial for U.S. Church Women Martyred in El Salvador

Join the LACW community for a memorial service on Saturday, December 2, 7pm at Mount St. Marys College Doheny Campus in Chapel (near building 15), 10 Chester Place, Los Angeles, CA 90007, Phone: 626-345-1666, to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the four U.S. churchwomen martyred in El Salvador. The four women — (pictured from top …

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Nov 22 2017


The article behind this LINK places matters in proper perspective as it points to the real issue that sits before us. An excerpt: “The disease of globalized corporate capitalism has the same effects across the planet. It weakens or destroys democratic institutions, making them subservient to corporate and oligarchic power. It forces domestic governments to …

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Nov 20 2017


This LINK is to an excellent piece on what it means to be a resister in this nation. Are we ready to stand for what is right, for the common good, that there may be a livable future in this nation and on the planet? There is a maxim that clearly articulates, “Freedom is NOT free.” …

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Nov 20 2017


  Pope Francis, during a recent conference on nuclear disarmament, condemned the possession of nuclear weapons by ALL nations. This, in light of a U.S. commitment to spend $1 trillion to upgrade its nuclear arsenal, and the Trump regime’s dangerous talk threatening to use nuclear weapons against North Korea, is a welcomed wake up call …

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Nov 17 2017

LACW Protests Air Force ROTC Program At Loyola Marymount University

On Thursday, November 16, the 28th anniversary of the murder of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper, and her daughter, at the University of El Salvador by U.S. trained Salvadoran troops, at all Jesuit Universities across the U.S. there were protests against the ROTC programs at each university. The LACW had a presence at Loyola Marymount …

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Nov 14 2017

Upcoming Holiday Schedule

Please note that Hospitality Kitchen (aka Hippie Kitchen) is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23. However, we will be open on Saturday, November 25. Further, the kitchen will also be closed on Saturday, December 23, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, reopen on Tuesday, December 26. We will also be closed on New Years Eve and …

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Nov 12 2017

Sunday, November 19 is World Day Of The Poor and World Toilet Day

  This LINK details Pope Francis’ call for a “World Day of the Poor” as an opportunity to grow in mercy and charity, and in shaping attitudes toward the poor and needy. This LINK explains the United Nations “World Toilet Day” as a time to take action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Today, 4.5 …

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Nov 10 2017


The article behind this LINK tells a frightening reality that we MUST accept and act without hesitation to force those in power to make the necessary changes to slow this catastrophic future. We can no longer sit and wait hoping everything will work itself out. Our faith requires us to act, our children, grandchildren, indeed …

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