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Christmas Holiday Schedule

Please note that Hospitality Kitchen (aka Hippie Kitchen) is closed on Saturday, December 22. However, the garden will be open with coffee and Christmas treats if you are interested in helping. We will be closed Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 25, will reopen on Thursday, December 27. We will also be closed on New Years Day, …

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Angel City Chorale Performs At Hippie Kitchen

On Saturday, December 8, the Angel City Chorale made their annual visit to Skid Row to sing Christmas Carols in our dining garden. Everyone present from guests eating in the garden, to volunteers and community members, clearly enjoyed their uplifting performance. This year, as in the past, they had a variety of songs from old …

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LACW Attends Burial Of L.A. County Unclaimed Dead

Photo by L.A. TimesPhoto by L.A. Times On Wednesday, December 5, under gray skies and cool and windy conditions, LACW community members were part of a group of approximately 200 people who attended an interfaith graveside memorial service honoring 1,467 people whose bodies were unclaimed in 2015 and cremated. Some may have been people we …

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46th Annual St. Paul High School March For Hunger

On a beautiful, sunny, and pleasant Sunday, December 2, the LACW had its only annual fundraiser, the St. Paul High School (in suburban Santa Fe Springs) March For Hunger. The walk is actually a Marathon as it is slightly more than 26 miles. This is year 46 for the walk that included nearly 400 students, …

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Philippenes President Rodrigo Duterte called for an all out war against the Catholic Church hierarchy in the Philippines because of their criticism of his failed drug war in the Southeast Asian archipelago. He has allegedly had two priests killed already, and has now publicly  called for the murder of other priests and bishops. Follow this …

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This LINK is to a very good reflection on Advent and Christmas. Something we really should consider in the midst of the overwhelming numbers of sisters and brothers that are living in poverty and houseless, along with the millions of refugees worldwide, and those who are part of the caravan sitting at the our southern …

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December 2018 Agitator

Here is the DECEMBER Catholic Agitator In This Issue:  CHRISTMAS 2018 APPEAL It’s Like Eden To Me by Jeff Dietrich Karán Founds-Benton – R.I.P A Little Prophecy by Karán Founds-BentonMeet A Guest Volunteer by Kaleb HavensSkid Row Friends by Matt HarperThe Work They Do Is Fulfilling by Mayer Cook-TonkinArlington West Memorial by Benny MattisLearning To Love …

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LACW Karan Founds-Benton 1955 – 2018 R.I.P.

The LACW will have a memorial service for Karan at this Wednesday’s liturgy at 6pm (November 28). We have not yet heard from her family about funeral arrangements, but will post them here when matters are finalized. It is with great sadness that we announce that our beloved LACW community member Karán Founds-Benton joined the …

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The article behind this LINK reveals a revolting reality that substantiates the contention that capitalism is evil, unjust, and utterly contrary to and the antithesis of Biblical justice, and therefore should be abolished in favor of a modified form of socialism where equity is relevant. An excerpt:  “The top three wealthiest billionaires in the US …

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Thanksgiving At The LACW

On Thanksgiving Day we hosted 25 of our friends from downtown plus  volunteers, family, and friends for a great Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings. We watched some football games and had great conversations, and ate and ate until we could not eat anymore. The food was prepared by various community members and friends who …

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This LINK is to a well written but distressing article on the ominous condition of our planet earth and the crucial steps we immediately must take in order to save this planet. I must add that in order to implement the major changes necessary, it may take a nonviolent revolution, as the corrupt and morally …

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The article behind this LINK is an excellent resource in facilitating an answer to the question, Why do some nonviolent revolutions end in democracy while others do not?  With the reality that our nation is rapidly descending into a fascist police state controlled by corporations and the handful of oligarchs behind them, and further realizing …

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