L.A. Catholic Worker Vision and Mission Statements

Listed below is the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Vision and Mission Statements

Deeply convinced of the Gospel’s radical truths, and inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, the saints, and martyrs, we strive to embody a Catholic Worker vision as articulated by our founders, Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.

   Our emphases are the Corporal Works of Mercy (ministering to and living amongst the homeless, poor, sick, disturbed, and imprisoned), the Spiritual Works of Mercy (nourishing the spiritual hungry and renewing the Church through loving prophetic challenge), and taking action against the causes of poverty, oppression, racism, and sexism. We seek to be nonviolent and opposed to all war, and personify Jesus’ call to be peacemakers.

   Recognizing our own complicity in the world’s violence and injustice, we continue to clarify our thoughts and deepen our spiritual life through scriptural study, prayer, reflection, dialog, and action.

   We strive to form community with a strong Christian spirituality. This enables us to share our lives in voluntary poverty (simple living) with those who are broken; not just for their benefit, but ours as well, realizing we are all members of the Body of Christ and we celebrate this mystery in sharing bread with the poor and breaking bread in the Eucharist.


   As a Catholic Worker Community, we are grounded in the visions of Sabbath Jubilee and Restorative Justice. Our history is the history of the Hebrew Scriptures: of Genesis and Exodus, powerful stories of God’s economy of grace and God’s mighty outstretched arm to liberate the oppressed. Our history is the story of a dysfunctional family and tribe, of the concentration of power into monarchy, of exile and return. We cling to a vision of heroic smallness, that personal acts of kindness are the seeds of God’s Reign, and remaining marginal is essential to staying at the center of our story.

   Jesus is the heart of our story, as the Human One who calls us back to the vision of trust in God’s creation, release to the captives, and justice for the poor. The Sermon on the Mount is our manifesto with Matthew 25: 31-46 our action plan. We dedicate ourselves to comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable through the following:

  • Hospitality Kitchen and Dining Garden—Street Serving, Picnics, Food Distribution, Shopping Cart Distribution and Maintenance, and Sunday Drop-in Center.
  • Health Outreach—Medical, Dental and Vision, HIV/AIDS Outreach, Foot Care, Hygiene and Simple Meds Distribution.
  • Ammon Hennacy House of Hospitality—Short and Long Term Hospitality For The Homeless, Respite Care, Hospice Care, Hospitality Days, Hennacy House Band and Prisoner Support.
  • The Catholic Agitator—Our Bi-Monthly Newspaper.
  • Education, Outreach and Summer Intern Program.
  • Weekly Bible Study, Liturgy, and Culture Critique.
  • Sister House Networking and Annual Retreat.
  • Resistance—Anti-War, Anti-Death Penalty, Anti-Immigration Policy, Street Actions, Anti-Nuclear, Anti-Missile Defense, Anti-Drone, Anti-Recruitment, Local Black Lives Matter Support, and National School of the Americas (SOA) Watch Support.

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