The chilling article behind this LINK is a wake-up call to the consequences of yet anther empire following the path of all previous empires in human history. The utter rejection of God, the idolatry, blasphemy, violence, arrogance, greed, injustice, and stupidity of the U.S. empire is now catching up with us as it had previously done to others. Suffice to say the suffering will be immense. We must remember, however, that Trump is NOT the problem, NOT the root cause. He is a mere symptom. This ENTIRE filthy rotten system is the root problem, the root cause. Trump is a pronounced and blatant product of this evil, immoral, corrupt, and bankrupt system. A system that is utterly rotten to the core. Hence, he is reflecting back to us exactly who and what we truly are in the world’s eyes, but more importantly in God’s eyes.

We the people willingly allowed the government–over a very long period of time–to abdicate our nation–in its totality–to the corporatocracy and oligarchs (the primary war profiteers), whose sole interest is in yet more obscene and immoral profits and absolute U.S. global hegemony at ANY cost. Therefore, Trump is our reward for our blind trust, our naïveté, our apathy and lethargy, and thus our complicity in allowing the evil this nation has done from its inception and continues to do in our name and in God’s name. We the people have failed to see and understand reality and truth, and as a result, will soon reap the full consequences–unless we stand up and renounce this system and those who benefit from and uphold it. As Dorothy Day is credited as stating: “Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy rotten system.” It will take community building and solidarity to nonviolently rise up and begin anew. Anything less will mean our demise–and perhaps take the planet with us with the gods of metal (nuclear weapons) we have fashioned and in what we place our trust (worship) and to what we are willing to sacrifice all to.

An excerpt: “The inept and corrupt presidency of Donald Trump has unwittingly triggered the fatal blow to the American empire—the abandonment of the dollar as the world’s principal reserve currency. Nations around the globe, especially in Europe, have lost confidence in the United States to act rationally, much less lead, in issues of international finance, trade, diplomacy and war. These nations are quietly dismantling the seven-decade-old alliance with the United States and building alternative systems of bilateral trade. This reconfiguring of the world’s financial system will be fatal to the American empire, as the historian Alfred McCoy and the economist Michael Hudson have long pointed out. It will trigger an economic death spiral, including high inflation, which will necessitate a massive military contraction overseas and plunge the United States into a prolonged depression. Trump, rather than make America great again, has turned out, unwittingly, to be the empire’s most aggressive gravedigger.

The Trump administration has capriciously sabotaged the global institutions, including NATO, the European Union, the United Nations, the World Bank and the IMF, which provide cover and lend legitimacy to American imperialism and global economic hegemony. The American empire, as McCoy points out, was always a hybrid of past empires. It developed, he writes, “a distinctive form of global governance that incorporated aspects of antecedent empires, ancient and modern. This unique U.S. imperium was Athenian in its ability to forge coalitions among allies; Roman in its reliance on legions that occupied military bases across most of the known world; and British in its aspiration to merge culture, commerce, and alliances into a comprehensive system that covered the globe.

When George W. Bush unilaterally invaded Iraq, defying with his doctrine of preemptive war international law and dismissing protests from traditional allies, he began the rupture. But Trump has deepened the fissures. The Trump administration’s withdrawal from the 2015 Iranian nuclear agreement, although Iran had abided by the agreement, and demand that European nations also withdraw or endure U.S. sanctions saw European nations defect and establish an alternative monetary exchange system that excludes the United States. Iran no longer accepts the dollar for oil on international markets and has replaced it with the euro, not a small factor in Washington’s deep animus to Teheran. Turkey is also abandoning the dollar. The U.S. demand that Germany and other European states halt the importation of Russian gas likewise saw the Europeans ignore Washington. China and Russia, traditionally antagonistic, are now working in tandem to free themselves from the dollar. Moscow has transferred $100 billion of its reserves into Chinese yuan, Japanese yen and euros. And, as ominously, foreign governments since 2014 are no longer storing their gold reserves in the United States or, as with Germany, removing them from the Federal Reserve. Germany has repatriated its 300 tons of gold ingots. The Netherlands repatriated its 100 tons.”

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