February 2019 Agitator

Here is the FEBRUARY Catholic Agitator

This Issue Is Dedicated To Jeff Dietrich – It Contains several photos and:

  • An Interview with Jeff Dietrich
  • Jeff’s Retirement: We Are Unworthy Servants by Jeff Dietrich
  • The Fishing Lesson by Jeff Dietrich
  • The following are reflections of Jeff by friends and current and former LACW community members
  • The Reluctant Resister Retires by Kaleb Havens
  • A Writer of Genius Status by Theresia de Vroom
  • Comforting The Afflicted by Dan Hirsch
  • Lavish Hospitality by Murphy Davis
  • Read and Learn by Joanne Kennedy
  • Serves At Your Side by Kate Chatfield
  • Bible Study by Martha Lewis
  • Neither Shy Nor Retiring by Ched Myers
  • Persistence by Larry Holben
  • Living Witness by Frank Cordaro
  • Laughter by Tensie Hernández

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