A Sad Farewell To The “Washington Clippers” – Our Fantastic Foot Care Team

The past two weeks have passed extremely expeditiously. These five amazing women (and their helpers) have made many Skid Row residents not only happy, but feeling comfortable and grateful. They soaked and bathed tired, worn, and aching feet, cut and filed toenails, gently provided cuticle, bunion, and callus care. In-grown toenails and infections were also treated. They applied medication and lotion along with foot messages, and new socks and shoes when needed. These lovely women provide a ministry that allow their clients to experience cloud nine in a very harsh and oppressive environment.

We at the LACW are honored and privileged to have them join us in our work serving the poorest of the poor in Los Angeles. Pictured above are: Saima, Judy, Nancy, Rev. Kathleen, and Maggie–all from Olympia, Washington. Thank you for sharing your love and compassion. Hope to see you again next January, and many blessings through the year.

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