The following is a reflection from The Way of the Cross, by Virgil Elizondo, as quoted in A Maryknoll Book of Inspiration.

Jesus continues to be betrayed, it is true. But it is equally true that Jesus in the person of his disciples, who are willing to go all the way to the Cross with him, continues to proclaim the disturbing but liberating truth about the Kingdom of God and every man and woman. The voice and power of God for goodness will continue to challenge the world. The prophets of today’s world may well be killed, but they will not be silenced or destroyed. The message of their lives, of their commitment to the real, concrete truth about men and women in society, will continue to be a force for good that no human power can can ever destroy. In the betrayal and arrest of Jesus our own betrayals and arrests take on a new meaning. Though horrible and painful, they are necessary risks for the sake of the Kingdom of God. And we have the assurance that the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of justice and love, the kingdom of community and equality, the kingdom of dignity and appreciation, the kingdom of peace and joy will indeed triumph over this world’s kingdom of violence, corruption, avarice, and individualism.

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