This LINK is to a very good reflection on the now official Saint Oscar Romero.

An excerpt:In 1997 Romero was declared a “Servant of God,” a process which makes him a candidate for sainthood. But the process stalled when the hierarchy worried if such a move would be too “political.” Then in February of 2015 Pope Francis decreed that Romero had died “for the faith” (in odium fidei); and then in May announced his beatification, the final step before canonization as a saint of the church. A quarter of a million Salvadorans attended Romero’s beatification service.

When in 1977 Romero was appointed Archbishop of San Salvador, many in the government, wealthy landowners, the military, and the Catholic hierarchy were pleased. Romero was known as a traditionalist, compliant on matters of piety, doctrine, and relations with the state.

They would be proven wrong.

A church that suffers no persecution but enjoys the privileges and support of the things of the earth beware! It is not the true church of Jesus Christ.’ —Óscar Romero

A civil war, erupting in 1979, would rip the veneer off the church’s cozy relations with El Salvador’s repressive military government. Over the next 12 years, the war claimed the lives of more than 75,000 and was generously funded by the United States, as much as $2 million per year, at one point with US military officers assuming key positions and directing the Salvadoran army’s assault on rebel forces, carried out under ‘scorched earth’ policies targeting civilian populations.

The most notorious of the Salvadoran military’s campaigns was at the village of El Mozote where as many as 1,000 unarmed civilians, including 146 children, were massacred on 11 December 1981. The U.S. initially denied the massacre; later, in the 1990s, declassified diplomatic cables confirmed the slaughter.”

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