Fenced Out: Los Angeles Businesses Find New Way To Keep Away Homeless

This LINK is to an excellent article in the Guardian on the latest tactic by the businesses on Skid Row to harass, demean, and make life even more miserable for the houseless human beings living on the streets.

The question that begs to be asked: What kind of society are we that continues to allow homelessness and continuous harassment and degradation of these human beings acceptable?

An excerpt: “The day the fence arrived, Gabe was sitting next to his tent, right at the heart of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. It was a chain link fence – about six feet tall – placed at the edge of the sidewalk, where it neatly enclosed Gabe, his neighbors, and the tented homes they have made for themselves on the streets of what is sometimes called the homeless capital of the country.

“They put the whole sidewalk inside the fence,” said Gabe, an older black man with kind eyes and a disarming demeanor who has lived on the streets of Skid Row for about five years. He was scaling a fish over a red plastic cooler as he talked. “I felt like we were in prison on the sidewalk. It felt like we were in prison and could get out, but still in prison, you know what I mean?”

Local activists and police officers were called. Eventually, the chain-link fence was moved to free Gabe and his neighbors. It wouldn’t be the last of the fences.”

Permanent link to this article: http://lacatholicworker.org/2018/08/25/fenced-out-los-angeles-businesses-find-new-way-to-keep-away-homeless

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