This LINK is to an excellent piece by Jim Wallis of Sojouners Magazine on Trump’s summit with Putin. Wallis calls us to view this, and other Trump incidents, from the perspective of our Christian Faith: “So, let’s go back to the Reclaiming Jesus Declaration. Where does this leave us, as Christians? What can we do? And why should even the Christian voters who agree with some of Trump’s policies and Supreme Court appointments still be deeply troubled by his admiration for strongman leadership, his disdain for accountability, and especially his regular undermining of the truth?

The answer has everything to do with the one whom Christians everywhere claim to follow — Jesus Christ.”

An excerpt: “Donald Trump’s behavior in Helsinki was not just shameful and disastrous. It was also, on a deeper level, clarifying.

Trump has always acted as a “strongman” in his bullying leadership style, and he got away with it in his world of real estate, reality TV, and beauty queen pageants. But now he is the president of the United States. Trump has been a liar his whole life — a word that the media commentators are only slowly getting comfortable using to describe a president.

But Trump is more than a liar. He has always tried to change what people believe about the truth — suggesting that there actually is not really any truth, and people should just believe whatever Trump says. Listen to him, and hear him in any situation trying to change the truth to whatever he says it is. This goes all the way back to day one of his presidency, his inauguration day, when Trump said the sun was shining though it was continually raining. It has been raining on democracy ever since.

The false strongman whose strength is based upon the undermining of the truth will get stronger in coming days, unless there is courageous political opposition against him.

As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said, in another time of crisis, ‘We’ve got some difficult days ahead.’”

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