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An excerpt: “In moments of moral crisis, certain issues break through the clutter and cacophony of the daily headlines. The U.S. government’s horrific separation of children from their parents at the border is one of those moments.

President Donald Trump and his administration underestimated the degree of moral outrage that would follow this unconscionable policy, and falsely believed that a poorly-conceived executive order would resolve the crisis and suppress public pressure. But as church leaders in South Africa taught me many years ago, Kairos-like moments occur when our current reality becomes so fraudulent and egregious that the status quo is no longer acceptable. It is these moments when people of faith and conscience feel called to engage in increasingly bold and sacrificial action.
The requirements of biblical justice and Christian discipleship call us to engage in deep moral analysis to identify and redress the root causes of the border crisis. Let’s be clear: This current crisis is a direct product of the president’s immoral and misguided zero-tolerance policy enacted in April, and the broader crisis is a byproduct of the protracted failure of the Republican-controlled Congress to negotiate in good faith to pass bipartisan, comprehensive, and just reforms to our severely broken immigration system. In the absence of a short-term or permanent legislative fix to family separation and these longer-term reforms, President Trump has and will continue to exploit this issue in ways that appeal to the fears of his base, scapegoating immigrants for our nation’s ills.
Reversing these policies will require exposing both the factual lies and the moral lies that are at the heart of these policies.
First, some important facts to correct lies: Visa holders overstaying their visa account for vastly higher numbers of undocumented immigrants than those who cross the border illegally. Trump’s obsession with illegal crossings at the border reinforces a belief that border crossings are singularly responsible for undocumented immigration. The reality is that most people come through official channels and then don’t leave.
Undocumented immigrants commit far less crimes on average than American citizens. Zero tolerance is based on a false assertion that undocumented immigrants are dangerous, and may commit crimes against American citizens. The reality is that undocumented people in the U.S. are statistically less dangerous than documented American citizens.
U.S. policies toward Central America have significantly contributed to the current instability. Yet the Trump administration has pushed to cut millions of dollars in foreign aid to the region. The reality is that cutting aid will only exacerbate the conditions of an already impoverished and endangered people.
It is time for sacrificial action, because the Trump administration has (at least) doubly committed political malpractice: by putting in place an unnecessary and cruel policy of family separation, only to then reverse it without a clear plan to reunite families, resulting in a bureaucratic nightmare; and by putting in place an immoral policy designed to deter and criminalize immigrants who are fleeing violence and deprivation to pursue a better life…”

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