The U.S Imperial War Department and Israel have joined together to develop and test the Arrow-3 Anti-Missile/Anti-Satellite “Defense” System in Kodiak Alaska. This system will be used by Israel partly at U.S. taxpayers expense. No U.S. mainstream media has covered this story. Watch the video behind this LINK to learn more.

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    • Isaac Arnett on June 7, 2018 at 9:58 am
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    With so many members of Congress holding dual citizenship with Israel, I can only believe from observation of the support that the U.S. Government gives to Israel through the Pentagon, Foreign Aid, AIPAC, and others…., that having this dual citizenship creates a Conflict of Interest . The Oath to Israel that is demanded of Members of Congress is an act of extortion due to the fact that funding is withheld from any member who does not take this Oath of Fealty to Israel.

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