Skid Row Fences

For the past few weeks property owners in the Skid Row area have been putting up portable fences in front of their buildings as a form of harassment and to keep homeless people off the sidewalks. Some of the fences have extended from the building to the curb, approximately 9 feet, while the permits issued by the city stipulate that the fence cannot extend more than 36 inches.

This is yet another campaign by the Business Improvement District (BIDs) and property owners to make life even more miserable for our homeless friends. However, last Thursday, some “concerned citizens” removed the fences from the sidewalks and placed signs that read: This fence has been moved by a group of concerned citizens so that public space remains public and all persons, regardless of economic status, can access its benefits.

The LACW is beginning a campaign of our own to set up protests at the sites where the fences are being placed. Today we had a sign-making party to make several signs to be used.

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    • Nathan Sheets on May 23, 2018 at 9:45 pm
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    Do you have a compiled list of the businesses who are installing these fences? What does the council office say?

    1. Hi Nathan,
      No, we do not yet have a list of all the businesses. The City Council has not offered a statement. However, the permits allow minor improvements to the building faces, some are putting in planters, a few are painting a small mural. Talking with LA CAN it appears that this is the first step in gentrifying skid row.

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