The article behind this LINK is very pertinent and much needed in these and future dark days of ecological devastation. We will need to grieve as the losses mount. This is a reality we MUST face and learn to deal with. We CANNOT hide from or deny what is happening and will only get worse with time. The longer “we the people” allow this diabolical system built on greed, and those who support and most benefit from it, to remain in control that they will rape and devastate every possible matter to further their profit margin and enrich their coffers, this planet, God’s “good” creation, and ALL that occupy it, is doomed. We must wake up and rise up. Time is rapidly running out.

An excerpt:“Ecological grief reminds us that climate change is not just some abstract scientific concept or a distant environmental problem. Rather, it draws our attention to the personally experienced emotional and psychological losses suffered when there are changes or deaths in the natural world. In doing so, ecological grief also illuminates the ways in which more-than-humans are integral to our mental wellness, our communities, our cultures, and for our ability to thrive in a human-dominated world.”

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