Although MLK Day is passed, I came across this REFLECTION that I believe worthy of sharing.

An excerpt: “Contemporary Christian Music and overt white supremacy aren’t the only principalities that refuse to die. The real pain and suffering are inflicted by stubborn structural issues that come with a predictable disclaimer in suburbia: But that doesn’t have anything to do with race. Bulging prisons. Substandard housing. Houselessness. Joblessness. Pathetic wages. Police brutality. Slashed education. Inaccessibility to nutritious food and clean water. Bottom-of-the barrel healthcare. The privatization of the commons. Toxins spewing into neighborhoods.

The silence of my Spring drive beckoned my mind back to the Fall. The $800 million Little Caesar’s Arena opened in downtown Detroit to the fanfare of seven sold-out Kid Rock concerts. The racism went far beyond the confederate flags and white nationalist biker gangs stalking Woodward Avenue on opening night. White supremacy wears a well-tailored suit too. A coalition of corporate and government leaders keep on making decisions that devastate: the arena was financed with hundreds of millions of taxpayer money while tens of thousands of low-income Black Detroiters somehow survive in homes without running water. These suits increase rates and mandate shutoffs in the name of “changing the culture.” To add insult to injury, these suits commandeered hundreds of millions of dollars of federal TARP money allocated to help residents stay in their homes and transferred it to fund “blight removal.” Suburban contractors and developers were rewarded handsomely.”

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