LACW Kaleb Havens Interviewed By L.A. Times

Los Angeles Times columnist, Steve Lopez, interviewed Kaleb on Tuesday, February 20, and wrote an article dealing with Kaleb’s fast and the homeless crisis. See the video and read the article HERE.

An excerpt: “Kaleb Havens could have given up candy, pizza or tacos for the 46 days of Lent.

That would have been reasonable, right?

Instead the 30-year-old Catholic Worker activist gave up all food last week, on Ash Wednesday, and began a hunger strike.

Havens also chained himself to a fence on skid row, at 5th and Central, to protest conditions in the homeless capital of the Western Hemisphere and to call attention to the need for a response that matches the size of the emergency.

This was not the most strategic location, given that his favorite restaurant — Catch 21 — is just a few feet away. The wafting scent of fried fish is a constant tease, Havens said, even in his sleep.”

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