LACW Is Interviewed by U.N. Special Rapporteur On Skid Row Homeless

On Wednesday, January 24, LACW Kaleb Havens was interviewed and video taped by United Nations Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, Leilani Farha. Kaleb gave a brief synopsis of who we are and what services we provide to the homeless on Skid Row. Ms. Farha toured Skid Row, visited our soup kitchen (above right), and interviewed individuals who represented organizations that either work with and/or serve the Skid Row poor. This was a follow up to the last U.N. Rapporteur (Philip Alston) who came to Los Angeles in DECEMBER and filed a scathing report on the deplorable conditions on Skid Row. Other LACW’s also in attendance were Micah Wullschleger and Maria Teresa Kamel (below). Thank you to L.A. Community Action Network for the photos.

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