The article behind this LINK is an excellent commentary by Art Laffin, of the Washington, DC Catholic Worker, and is based on Pope Francis’ recent statement condemning the possession of nuclear weapons, tracing prominent Catholics committed to nuclear disarmament and how, as Christians, the gospel calls each of us to act in whatever way the Spirit leads to demand nuclear disarmament insofar as this nation is moving ever closer toward a nuclear war.

An excerpt: “Francis’ condemnation of nuclear weapons and rejection of nuclear deterrence did not happen in a vacuum. Seventy-two years ago, at the dawn of the nuclear age, another powerful declaration was made. Immediately after the U.S. nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, Catholic Worker co-founder Dorothy Day, the renowned disciple of Gospel nonviolence and social justice, was practically a solitary religious voice in publicly condemning this unprecedented atrocity.

Day prayed and labored untiringly for the abolition of nuclear weapons. So did other Catholic peacemakers who are now among the holy cloud of witnesses, including Thomas Merton, Daniel and Philip Berrigan, Jesuit Fr. Richard McSorley, Sacred Heart Sr. Anne Montgomery, Dominican Sr. Jackie Hudson, Jesuit Fr. Bill Bichsel, and Franciscan Fr. Jerry Zawada, to name but a few. Their steadfast nonviolent witness helped paved the way for this most recent papal proclamation, as well as the new Catholic Nonviolence Initiative that resulted from the Just Peace Conference held at the Vatican in April 2016, which calls for the replacement of the just war theory with a theology of “just peace.”

Day’s commitment to nuclear abolition was unwavering.

Living in a nation that has legalized sanctioned nuclear weapons and relies on them for its ultimate security, what would Jesus have us do? Clearly, Jesus teaches that you cannot serve both God and mammon and that we must place our trust in God for our true security. He calls us to disarm our hearts of fear, hate and greed. He instructs us to forever put away the sword. He calls us to love even our enemies, and never to kill.

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