This LINK is a good article on the call for Christians to participate in civil disobedience as a faith witness.

An excerpt:
“There are a lot of ways to change the world. Going to jail isn’t the only way to do it. But it is one way. Some of the great movers and shakers of history ended up behind bars: Jesus. Mandela. Dr. King. Gandhi. Dorothy Day. Cesar Chavez. Emma Goldman. Crazy Horse. Rosa Parks. Aung San Suu Kyi. And on and on.

Civil disobedience has played a critical role in the movement to end slavery, from the Underground Railroad to the Civil Rights movement. Sit-ins at “whites-only” lunch counters, wade-ins at segregated swimming pools, and the bus boycotts are just a few expressions of holy law-breaking. Freedom movements around the world have used civil disobedience to protect indigenous land, expose bad laws, stop militarism and oppressive regimes, and forge a new world.

But even before modern-era social movements, there is a history of civil disobedience weaved throughout the Bible and Christian history. It’s worth highlighting just a few of those, especially in light of the pushback I get from some older Christians who don’t think good Christians should go to jail.”

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