An invitation to sacred resistance of inhumane policies towards refugees on Saturday, November 4, 2017, from 9am-12:30pm, at Knox Presbyterian Church, 225 South Hill Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106.

What is happening to refugees and unaccompanied minors under new Executive Orders, quotas, and enforcement priorities? What are the push factors for refugee and asylum seekers in other nations? How does the U.S. compare to other countries in receiving refugees? What is the difference between refugee and asylum seekers, and how is the process and status different? What is happening to people who come to the Mexico/U.S. border? What is the impact of deportations from the U.S. on countries in Central America?

On November 4, we gather to educate and advocate. People of all faiths, or no faith, are invited to join us in the common cause of hospitality and justice for refugees and migrants.

Featured Speakers:
– Susan Krehbiel, Refugee and Asylum Catalyst, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (formerly with the
Office of Refugee Resettlement);
– Tracey King-Ortega, Regional Liaison for Central America, Presbyterian World Mission;
– Erika Pinheiro, Policy and Technology Director and Immigration Attorney,
Al Otro Lado;
– Mothers of the River;
– Refugee and Migrant testimony;

– Carlos Holguin, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law.

Sponsored by: Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation of the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii, Presbytery of San Gabriel, Matthew 25 Movement, Presbytery of the Pacific, Guardian Angels and CLUE UCARE Coalition.

Have questions: e-mail – office@knoxpasadena.org or call 626-449-2144
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