A Catholic Anarchist Attempted To Solve Homelessness In Salt Lake City. Here’s What Happened.

Ammon Hennacy, the namesake of the LACW Hospitality House, is featured in an article in The Salt Lake City Tribune. See article HERE.

An excerpt:
“The neighbors couldn’t leave their houses without getting hit up by panhandlers and homeless men, who had been using both the front and back yards at 1131 S. West Temple as a bathroom.

Ammon Hennacy was inviting as many as 40 transients a night to sleep there, offering his house as the only homeless shelter in Salt Lake City that didn’t charge a fee or limit how long anyone could stay. It wasn’t uncommon for cops to drop drunk men off at Hennacy’s place if there wasn’t room at the jail. It was 1965, and his neighbors were frightened and angry.”

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    • Joyce Parkhurst on September 28, 2017 at 1:13 pm
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    Marvelous article! Thank you. Much needed right now.

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