Friday, August 11 Hospitality Day

At least once each quarter we host a “Hospitality Day” where we invite up to twenty-five guests from downtown to join us at our house for a time to get away from the madness of the streets and enjoy part of the day relaxing, eating, playing board or card games, read, take a bath or shower, and do laundry. We begin with breakfast at 8:15am (cereal, toast, fruit, oatmeal, coffee, milk, orange juice, pastries and cookies) then free time (including chips and salsa and soda) until noon, then a big lunch. This time Theo cooked burgers (including veggie burgers), mashed potatoes, broccoli with nacho cheese topping, tossed salad, BBQ and regular chips, followed by dessert including ice cream, pastries and cookies, and soda for ice cream floats. Then, unfortunately, a return trip downtown at 1:30. All had a great time and all were exceedingly grateful. See more photos HERE.

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