Mar 05 2017

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This LINK is to a good article by former LACW community member Allison McGillivray, which tells an interesting story and prompts serious reflection for all.

An excerpt:
“The continued concern of nuclear annihilation is neither outdated nor unfounded. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced in January we are closer to doomsday than ever before, basing their assessment on international relations, proliferation of nuclear weapons, and climate change. At this vulnerable time, as money and politics collude in the White House, there is need for continued vigilance for opportunists who would sacrifice the well-being of the American public for elite coffers. Rick Perry is one such opportunist. His relationship with Energy Transfer Partners demonstrates priority of personal investments over secure water sources, indigenous sovereignty, and environmental safety. He has ignored opinions of professionals in the construction and expansion of a Texas radioactive waste site, and there are concerns that his financial ties will be a potential conflict of interest for the Department of Energy nominee.”

Permanent link to this article: http://lacatholicworker.org/2017/03/05/nuclear-midnight-is-closer-than-ever-so-where-is-the-resistance

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