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Back in October, former LACW community members Sam Yergler and Allison McGillivray returned for a three month visit after being on the road for several years.

While at the LACW, both rolled up their sleeves and went to work on house projects that were either in need of repair or simply cleaned up and organized. As Sam worked in the house, Allison went into the basement Agitator room and began sorting, organizing, and labeling 46 years of photos, slides, photo cds, copies of the Agitator, various papers, notes, posters, letters, audio and video tapes, and other memorabilia.

In this photo is Allison with 22 packed boxes containing everything that was noteworthy and savable that have been shipped to the Catholic Worker Movement Archives at Marquette University in Wisconsin.

Allison also began a new ongoing project interviewing and audio taping long-term Catholic Workers for an oral history of the movement that also will be kept at the Marquette University Archives. While at the LACW she taped Jeff and Catherine giving an oral history of the LACW, and Mike Wisniewski.

Today, the basement and Agitator room is clean and organized as never before. We thank Sam and Allison for all their long hours and hard work. They will be departing in their old motor home on Tuesday, January 17, continuing on their journey around the nation stopping at other Catholic Worker houses and resistance communities offering their love and labor. We send them off with grateful hearts, blessings, prayers, and lots of love.

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