LACW Sister House In San Bruno Advocates For Tiny Houses

This LINK is to an article in the Mercury News about Peter Stiehler, former LACW and co-founder along with his wife Kate of our sister house in San Bruno, California (San Francisco Bay Area), who is attempting to convince local authorities to allow “tiny houses” to be distributed to the homeless in the Bay Area as a solution to the high cost of housing.

An excerpt:
“Last month, a tiny house on wheels was delivered to his San Bruno nonprofit, Catholic Worker Hospitality House. Once he spruces it up, he plans to use the 105-square-foot abode as a mobile showcase, encouraging his city and others on the Peninsula to tweak their laws in favor of the miniature structures. After that he hopes to let a client use it.

‘We feel that tiny houses can be one of the solutions for creating more affordable housing in our community,’ said Stiehler, whose organization also runs a homeless shelter and a dining room that serves breakfast to about 70 people a day. ‘It’s a quick and easy way to get housing done.’

On a recent morning he gave a quick tour of his cedar-framed tiny house, which sits in the parking lot of a local church. Stiehler said he spent $13,000 on the structure, which is just a shell, and the trailer on which it rests. He figures he’ll spend as much as $10,000 to finish the interior, including a bed, kitchen, work area and bathroom with a composting toilet.”

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