This LINK, this LINK, and this LINK contain three eye opening articles that put matters into proper perspective concerning the fascist regime we will be living under.

An excerpt: 1) “Do not be fooled by what the media is attempting to present as a smooth transition of power, a quirky one to be sure, but generally falling within American political tradition. Do not believe Trump’s condescending tweet damning liberal protesters with faint praise. “President Trump” cannot end well.

2) “If we continue to live our lives—working, driving, sleeping, and obeying the laws of the land—we are complicit in the end of all that we love, even the end of civilization; already the earth is hotter than it has been for 120,000 years, and food systems are being destabilized in Africa and the Middle East, while extreme weather does its brutal business with ever-greater frequency around the world. Our daily lives are the bullets in this gun, but we are not the shooters: the companies that have lied and fought regulation for decades are the shooters…We don’t have to let this happen. We cannot let this happen. And we can no longer hope to win this fight by simply voting or speaking up at hearings. If we have to physically block oil rigs, tankers, trains, and trucks, we will do so. If we have to turn off pipelines, we’ll do that too. Surely our laws should protect us, and not the profit of companies devastating our hopes for a decent future. Every life on earth depends on our collective willingness to do the right thing—right now. We are many, and together we are tireless. We do this work out of love, and we know that nothing has ever been more necessary.”

3) “In concert with his avowed intention to lower taxes on the wealthy, including slashing business tax from 35 to 15%; to smash hard fought workers’ rights (under the mantra of ‘deregulation’); and to scrap what little access to healthcare was made available to the poor through Obamacare – not to mention his threat to start a trade war with China – poverty looks set to skyrocket. It is not hard to see how social unrest will follow.”



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