Apr 15 2016

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Catherine’s Birthday


Rabbit Cakes.0665

On Wednesday, April 13, we celebrated Catherine Morris’ birthday at our evening liturgy, not with just a cake and singing “Happy Birthday,” but with two dozen cupcakes made by our volunteer Jan Melli, and two twin Rabbit cakes made by our own Sarah Fuller, singing the birthday song twice. Catherine, as the photos depict, was very happy indeed. Many blessings, Catherine.

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  1. Lupe Guzman

    Catherine many good wishes you look great!!!

  2. Ferne Hayes

    Many happy birthday wishes from Pasadeneans Ann Bishop and Ferne Hayes.

  3. Cheri Langdell

    Happy Birthday to you (belatedly) from more Pasadenans Father Tim and Cheri. You do look great! Wonderful seeing you and chatting on Wednesday night!

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