Farewell Liturgy For Rev. Elizabeth Griswold and Rabbi Seth Castleman, and Grace Hill-Speed, Jayme and Jeremy Kronmiller

Rev. Eliz, Lilah, and Rabbi SethOn Wednesday, June 19, Rev. Eliz Griswold and her husband Rabbi Seth Castleman celebrated their last liturgy with the LACW as they are in process of moving to the Sacramento area. We will miss them and we wish them, and daughter Lilah, many blessings, much love, happiness, peace and joy, and hope they can return at some point and share another great liturgy with us. Thank you for your love and support. We also said farewell to former community member Grace Hill-Speed and her husband Jayme and twin brother Jeremy as they head back to the Midwest to be with family. We will dearly miss them and also wish them many blessings, much love, happiness, peace and joy. See photos HERE.

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