New Genesis Apartments Protest

BannersOn Tuesday, June 26, The LACW joined with Alice Callaghan, LA Can, and Occupy Skid Row to protest the opening of the New Genesis Apartments, which is the former Genesis Hotel renovated by Skid Row Housing Trust (SRHT). Originally the renovation project was to include low income units to accommodate some of the Skid Row poor who lived there prior to renovation. However, SRHT changed plans and made the apartments for higher-income individuals like those who now reside in other gentrified Main Street lofts, apartments, and condos. In the past few years, the poor of Skid Row have lost 1344 affordable housing rooms on Main street alone. We believe that the Trust can no longer be trusted to keep the housing of Skid Row residents out of the hands of gentrifying forces. Shame on them.

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