Peace Prize Protest Update

The six defendants from the December 9th protest of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize appeared in court today for arraignment. The charges were dismissed by the judge due to shoddy paperwork by the federal building security guards. Federal prosecutor Sharon McCaslin was quite distressed by the proceedings, calling the Catholic Workers “childish attention seekers” and “disgusting”.

This was the planned statement of Catholic Worker David Omondi.

I plead guilty to the charge of being a prisoner of conscience. Like these others I am simply unable to stand idly by and not criticize the blatant hypocrisy of a war-mongering president accepting a Nobel Peace Prize. Being Kenyan American like he, I feel this to be a burden and an unending responsibility, and that my actions somehow constitute disorderly conduct remains a mystery to me, especially considering the injuries sustained by my friend Mike Wisniewski, inflicted by a guard charged with maintaining security. Yes I stood at the entrance of the Federal Building and exposed Mr. Obama as a warmonger and a neo-colonial impostor. Do with me what you will.

Check out photos of the protest.


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