Mar 05 2006

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Ladon Sheats talk now online

Ladon Sheats

I had not had the oportunity to meet Ladon Sheats before he passed away, just a little over three years ago. I am not sure of the exact date of this recording, I assume it was some time in the 70’s. In it he recounts his early life as an IBM CEO in the 60’s and his call and conversion to a life of radical Christian discipleship. In the years after his conversion he carried all of his worldy belongings in a backpack, and traveled around the country, spending time at monasteries, Catholic Worker Houses, and commiting acts of civil disobediance. For those who, like myself, never met him I urge you to give it a chance, he starts out a bit slow, but I have found his talk to be very powerful.

Ladon Sheats Part 1
Ladon Sheats Part 2

Please excuse the pops and clips in the recording, the quality of the original was poor.


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  1. Chris Carroll

    Thank you for making such an inspiring speech available. It both challenged and uplifted me.

  2. Shanda Stiles

    Ladon was my uncle. I still miss him. He was just another human being… inspiring in his being human.


  3. Valerie Golembiewski

    I worked for Ladon Sheats in NY at IBM/Service Bureau. He made a lasting impressin on me when he quit his job and went to Koinonia. His action changed my path in life. I didn’t realize he had died, and I’m sorry to hear about that, but I know he is safe and secure in Heaven with his Father.

  4. Meredith Males

    Thank you for making this available

  5. Dave Cox

    I had not heard that Ladon had died until now. He was my manager when I was an IBM trainee, back in 1966 and was most encouraging to me; a wonderful mentor and a real gentleman. I still have a handwritten note of encouragement that he gave me at a time when I really needed it. I am sure he is with the Lord; we will renew our friendship at the appropriate time.

  6. Jason Ladon Shorthouse

    Ladon and my parents were friends from koinia(sp?) in the late 60’s.
    I was named after him in ’71. I have only a few memories of
    him. He was a ghost that sometimes appeared in Atlanta. The
    last time I saw him he was just out of prison and then a monastery
    Recupperating (sp?) . He refused to work chain game and spent
    fair amount of time in solitary. He chose a life few of us can
    Imagine or duplicate. An inspiration is too cliche to describe his life. I am in
    awe that someone can be so focused on others wellbeing. RIP.

  7. Delmer Schlabach

    Back in 1970 I was sent to the airport to pick up a speaker for our Youth Retreat.. He would have jeans and black rimmed glasses… that how I met him… in one hour of dialog, I felt a kinship beyond description. Waht a man!
    The some time in the early ’70’s I spent some time at Koinonia Farms with him… my life was never the same after that!

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