Mar 20 2015

2015 Summer Internship Applications Are Now Closed

2014 Interns.3349 The application process for our 2015 Summer Internship Program is now closed. No further applications will be accepted. Please check our “Internship Opportunities” page and “Visiting” page for more info if you have an interest in joining us as a live-in worker. If you already submitted an application you will be notified before May 4 of your status. Thank you. Blessings.

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Mar 17 2015

Upcoming Catholic Worker Events Not To Be Missed

IMG_2741 GOOD FRIDAY: Anti-War Stations of Cross – April 3 * 3:00pm (to approximately 5:30). Meet at Downtown Federal Building, 300 N. Los Angeles St. at Temple.

HERE is a PDF of last year’s script used for the Anti-War Stations of the Cross.

Dancing.9866 SEDER OF LIBERATION: Sunday, April 12 * 3:00–8:00pm at All Saints Episcopal Church – Highland Park – 5619 Monte Vista St., L.A. 90042.

PLEASE CALL 323-267-8789 to reserve a seat and sign up to bring either a salad or dessert.

NOTE: If you have yet to attend either or both of these events, you are missing out on our two best events of the year (one solemn the other a festive celebration). Please consider attending both events, it is guaranteed that you will not regret it. Bring a friend as well.

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Mar 17 2015


157817.ME.0407.Skid-Row.IKThis LINK is to a MUST Watch video on the L.A.P.D. murders on Skid Row. Before any investigation began, the Los Angeles police department began to use the mainstream media to convict Charly Keundeu Keunang, “Africa.” As you can see in this video, Mr. Keunang was not the only one, and at the end of the video, you can see other incidents of brutality. More importantly, listen to the hypocrisy of our elected leaders, as their forces continue to militantly oppress the most vulnerable.

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Mar 12 2015

LACW at the Creech AFB Action

11005592_10205843548104911_1958095242_n On Wednesday, March 4, seven members of the LACW traveled to Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada (about 50 miles north of Las Vegas), to join CODEPINK and Veterans for Peace in a anti-drone protest at one of the leading bases where U.S. drones used to bomb and assassinate are controlled. Over 140 people attended the five day event with 34 resisters arrested (including LACW community member Karan Benton) on Friday morning for blocking traffic. See photos HERE.

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Mar 04 2015

LACW at the Pacific Life Community Resistance Retreat & Direct Action

In front of Lockheed-Martin.5434 The LACW community was represented by Mike Wisniewski at the 2015 Pacific Life Community (PLC) Resistance Retreat. This year’s retreat was held in Menlo Park, in Northern California, from Friday, February 27, through Monday, March 2, with a nonviolent direct action on Monday at Lockheed Martin, in Sunnyvale, protesting nuclear weapons work and other weapons for war. After sharing poetry, litany, dancing, songs, and prayer, 12 people were arrested for blocking traffic. They carried a letter with them that read:

To All of Us Who Pay Taxes or Work at Lockheed Martin,

Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest weapons producer. The nuclear missiles that Lockheed Martin designs and builds are a threat to all life on earth. We ask you to evaluate the morality of profit from world-wide death and suffering.

This is the time to transform Lockheed Martin’s reliance on weapons production into new technologies that help the earth and benefit the common good.

Those arrested included: Peggy Coleman, Betsy Lamb, Ann Havill, Fr. Jerry Zawada, OFM, John Yevtich, Katie Kelso, Susan Crane, Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ, Larry Purcell, Elizabeth Murray, Ed Ehmke and Mary Jane Parrine. Four of the protesters were released that afternoon by signing out, as was one later that evening. The seven who refused to sign papers for their release were held in jail until they were seen by a judge. They were released, all charges dropped, on Wednesday night, March 4. The individuals who signed out will have a future court date.

The keynote speaker was Dalit Baum, Ph.D., originally from Tel Aviv, and co-founder of Who Profits from the Occupation, and of the Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel. Dalit is a feminist scholar and teacher. She has been active with various groups in the Israeli anti-occupation and democracy movement. She has worked for American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in the San Francisco office since 2013 and currently serves the organization as Director of Economic Activism. She spoke on the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, and the destruction and slow genocide of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This year’s retreat had 80 people in attendance from various western states.

***See photos HERE.***

***See video of action at Lockheed Martin HERE. ***

2012-12-12-photo7During the retreat, on February 28, news came of the passing of longtime Tacoma Catholic Worker, peace activist, and PLC member, Jesuit Fr. William “Bix” Bichsel, 86, who now resides with the Heavenly Cloud of Witnesses. He was loved by many and will be deeply missed. The retreat and direct action were dedicated to him with many wearing a photo of Bix in remembrance. Bix was a member of the Disarm Now Plowshares and recently traveled to Jeju Island to protest the U.S.-sponsored naval base being built there. Fr. BixPRESENTE!

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Feb 26 2015

Kitchen Closed Thursday, March 5.

Anne and Manuel Chop Lettuce_0269Hospitality Kitchen (AKA Hippie Kitchen) will be closed on Thursday, March 5, and the garden will be closed on Friday, March 6, because the Catholic Worker community will be participating in a major protest against U.S. drone warfare at Creech Air Force Base outside Las Vegas (see more info HERE). However, we will again Karan.2258be open on Saturday, March 7. DSC07207

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Feb 17 2015

Guadalupe CW New House Blessing

IMG_4868 IMG_4897 On Sunday, February 15, the LACW traveled up the central coast to our sister house in Guadalupe, CA, for the blessing of the new “Beatitude House.” Dennis, Tensie, Rozella, Thomas, and Jorge opened the new house more than a month ago after being in the old house for 18 years. The old house was sold late last summer by the landowner. The Guadalupe CW community was able to raise the necessary funds to purchase the new house. They had a contractor who donated his labor to completely renovate the house. They also are blessed with a student from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who also donated his labor and needed materials to install a complete water conservation and recycling unit that will collect water from fog condensation and rain, which then will be used to water the backyard garden and front lawn. We ask that you pray with us for their continued success in serving the farmworker community in the Guadalupe area with medical care and food.

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Feb 16 2015

Harassing The Homeless


This LINK is to a good, yet distressing, L.A. Times op-ed piece about the mean-spiritedness of cities in California, particularly Los Angeles, that have passed deplorable laws targeting the most vulnerable in society—-the homeless. The LACW daily witnesses the result of such laws, and at times will confront the LAPD for its ongoing harassment of our anguished sisters and brothers. We ask: How can the wealthiest society in human history allow homelessness, then criminalize those who have nowhere but the streets to live, and constantly harass them? And we have the audacity to even think, let alone believe, that God blesses this nation? See Deuteronomy 15:1-11 and Matthew 25:31-46.



An excerpt: “According to a study being released this week by the UC Berkeley School of Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, 58 California cities have enacted hundreds of new laws since 1990 that single out or disproportionately effect homeless people; if current trends continue, they will add more than 100 new anti-homeless laws this decade. The average California city studied has nine such laws, a much higher average than studies have found in other states. Los Angeles and San Francisco lead the pack, with 23 separate restrictions each.”

UPDATE: On Wednesday, February 18, the L.A. Times ran this ARTICLE on how the city is approaching the growing homeless encampments on sidewalks through yet more harassment.

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Feb 05 2015

Join the LACW at the CODEPINK Sponsored Mobilization To Shut Down Creech AFB and End Drone Warfare.

Creech SignThe LACW will join CODEPINK, and others, from March 4 – 6, in the Shut Down Creech National Mobilization of nonviolent resistance to shut down killer drone operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan,Yemen, Somalia, and everywhere, at Indian Springs, Nevada, outside Las Vegas. Watch short 3 minute video HERE. And a brief message from Kathy Kelly about this mobilization HERE.

In 2005, Creech Air Force Base secretly became the first U.S. base in the country to carry out illegal, remotely controlled assassinations using the MQ-1 Predator drones, and in 2006, the more advanced Reaper drones were added to its arsenal. Creech drone personnel sit behind computers in the desert north of Las Vegas and kill “suspects” thousands of miles away. Recent independent research indicates that the identity of only one out of 28 victims of U.S. drone strikes is known beforehand. Though officials deny it, the majority of those killed by drones are civilians. In 2014, it was leaked that the CIA’s criminal drone assassination program, officially a separate operation from the Air Force’s, has been piloted all along by Creech’s super-secret Squadron 17.

DroneThe US drone program is rapidly proliferating as air bases are being converted to drone bases across the U.S. and abroad, but Creech remains the primary air base in U.S. state-sponsored global terrorism. Creech is where the killer drone program started–it is where we shall end it.

We must put an end to this desecration of our Mother Earth and all creatures who inhabit it.
We must put an end to the dehumanization of lives from Ferguson to Palestine to Pakistan.
We must close all foreign U.S. military bases. Money for human needs, not the war machine, nor corporate greed.
We must put an end to drone warfare, drone surveillance, and global militarization.

See schedule HERE.

Sign up on facebook HERE … and invite friends!

Or contact: Toby Blomé of CODEPINK: Phone: 510-215-5974 (h)

Brian Terrell of VCNV and NDE: Phone: 773-853-1886

CODEPINK and supporters (everyone is welcome) will initiate the convergence with vigils at the south entrance to Creech AFB in the mornings (6-8 a.m.) and afternoons (3-5 p.m.). Help us create a daily mile long trail of peace banners and signs along the highway!

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Feb 03 2015

February 2015 Agitator

Front Cover February 2015Here is the FEBRUARY CATHOLIC AGITATOR

    In This Issue:

    • Leaving Afghanistan? by Faustino Cruz
    • Defending Sacred Ground by Richard Nestor
    • Sr. Megan Rice: Anti Nuclear Nun Sr. Megan Rice Letter
    • The Foot Sisters An Interview With “Washington Clippers” Foot Care Crew
    • The Troubling Three Kings by Jeff Dietrich
    • Terror Attacks in Paris: Anger & Solidarity An Interview With Blase Bonpane
    • Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist Book Review by Sandi Huckaby

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Feb 02 2015

Vespers at the LACW

VespersJoin us for Vespers for the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Feb 01 2015

Thank You Foot Care Crew

2015 Foot Care Group.4863Foot care.4853 We say a warm farewell and a heartfelt THANK YOU to our “Washington Clippers” foot care crew. As usual, they did an amazing job in caring for the feet of our guests, the skid row poor and homeless. See an interview with them in the February issue of the Catholic Agitator (link above). Present in photo at left is Jackie, Maggy, Georgina, Rev. Kathleen, Saima, Nancy, Judy (not pictured).

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