Jul 26 2016

Mollie Lowery R.I.P.

Mollie Lowery_3503 Longtime friend of the LACW, Mollie Lowery, who was dedicated to the well being of the skid row homeless, placing chronically homeless people, specifically those with severe mental illness, into housing and much needed treatment, joined the heavenly Cloud of Witnesses on Monday, July 25, after a long struggle with cancer.

Mollie was co-founder, in 1985, of L.A. Men’s Place, which later became LAMP Community, that offered housing, care, and a community environment, to the mentally challenged of the Row. She later obtained a ranch in Bishop, California, where she would take skid row homeless for some time away from the streets and provide them with whatever treatment they needed. Most recently she worked with Housing Works, in Hollywood. Mollie was dedicated to each person with whom she worked, treating everyone with dignity and respect, never giving up, no matter what, until she gained their full trust, thus enabling her to provide the critical care and love needed to rebuild their life. Without doubt, she will be missed, tremendously.

Mollie Lowrey, Presente!

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Jul 14 2016

Nuclear Weapons are Illegal and Immoral.

nuclear explosion This LINK is to an article on the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons. Something that each and all of us in this nation should have knowledge of since the United States is the World Empire and has a first use policy.

This also is one of the reasons that five Catholic Workers and a member of the Veterans for Peace were arrested last year at Vandenberg AFB on the anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing, with three of the six sentenced to jail time, including Jeff Dietrich and Dennis Apel, who remain in federal prison (see this LINK).

An excerpt:
“On the 20th anniversary of the ICJ Advisory Opinion on threat or use of nuclear weapons, the people must wake up, stand up and speak out. Nuclear weapons are illegal as well as immoral and costly. They are not even weapons, but instruments of mass annihilation. They serve no useful purpose and endanger all countries, all people, and all future generations. It is past time to end the nuclear era.”

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Jun 30 2016

Meet Our 2016 Summer Interns

Group.0996 Our 2016 Summer interns have arrived and are eager to see what awaits them in the next six weeks. From left to right meet Jeffery Harrell (Washington State), Gregory Fister (Missouri), Emily Guerra (Southern California), Isaiah Ritzmann (Ontario, Canada), Shawn Rodine (Nebraska). We warmly welcome them and hope this is a very rewarding summer experience. Check back to this post periodically throughout the summer for more photos posted HERE.

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Jun 17 2016

2016 Sister House Retreat

2Group.0772 Each year the 13 LACW Sister Houses get together for our annual retreat at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center in Montecito, near Santa Barbara. This year because of scheduling difficulties, we gathered on Memorial Day weekend rather than in the Fall. This year 40 Catholic Workers from around the nation, and Mexico, gathered to listen to presentations from this year’s facilitators, Willa Bickham and Brendan Walsh from Viva House Catholic Worker in Baltimore, MD, and to socialize, pray, sing, relax, and just have a good time. We remembered our brothers who are in prison and jail: Jeff Dietrich, David Omondi, Dennis Apel, and Faustino Cruz, as well as the two we lost in the past year: Dan Delany (co-founder of the LACW) and Fr. Daniel Berrigan, SJ. See photos HERE.

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Jun 14 2016

Dorothy Day Refuses To Duck And Cover

Dorothy Day This LINK is to a short article about Dorothy Day’s resistance to civil defense drills back in the 1950s and early 1960s, specifically June 15, 1955–61 years ago.

An excerpt:
“In this particular case, Operation Alert was a nationwide, mandated, legally enforced drill. Dorothy Day, fellow Catholic Workers and other pacifists informed the media that they would disobey the law, and refused to evacuate public spaces and work places for the proscribed fifteen-minute period. Instead, they sat on park benches in City Hall Park, quietly praying and meditating. All 27 – and a shoeshine man who was taken into custody by mistake – were arrested. They were branded murderers by their judge, who accused them of being responsible for the simulated deaths of three million New Yorkers.”

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Jun 13 2016

June 2016 Agitator

Front Cover June 2016 Here is the JUNE Catholic Agitator.

In This Issue:

    • Fleas On Pharaoh’s Ear: Daniel Berrigan & Jeff Dietrich by Theresea de Vroom
    • Death Has No Dominion by Steve Kelly, SJ.
    • Inspired By An Extraordinary Woman by Megan Ramsey
    • Rejecting Imperial Violence by Rev. John Dear
    • Catholic Worker Letters From Prison by Jeff Dietrich & David Omondi
    • Dorothy Day: Love In Action Reviewed by Mike Wisniewski
    • Breaking The Shackles Of Racism by Sandi Huckaby

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Jun 10 2016

Manuel Hernandez Fundraiser For Casa Colibri In Mexico

Casa Colibri Card Web

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May 31 2016

Old And On The Street: The Graying Of America’s Homeless

Elderly_Homeless This LINK is to a New York Times article on elderly homeless in Los Angeles, some of who are guests at our soup kitchen, and includes an interview with our longtime friend, Alice Callaghan.

An excerpt: “They lean unsteadily on canes and walkers, or roll along the sidewalks of Skid Row here in beat-up wheelchairs, past soiled sleeping bags, swaying tents and piles of garbage. They wander the streets in tattered winter coats, even in the warmth of spring. They worry about the illnesses of age and how they will approach death without the help of children who long ago drifted from their lives.

It is the emergence of an older homeless population that is creating daunting challenges for social service agencies and governments already struggling with this crisis of poverty. “Baby boomers have health and vulnerability issues that are hard to tend to while living in the streets,” said Alice Callaghan, an Episcopal priest who has spent 35 years working with the homeless in Los Angeles.

Horace Allong, 60, said he could not afford a one-room apartment and lives in a tent on Crocker Street. Mr. Allong, who divorced his wife and left New Orleans for Los Angeles two years ago, said he lost his wallet and all of his identification two weeks after he arrived and has not been able to find a job.

“It’s the first time I’ve been on the streets, so I’m learning,” he said. “There’s nothing like Skid Row. Skid Row is another world.””

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May 26 2016

Have You Been To Jail For Justice?

Holding Banner.6693







We at the LACW have taken to singing this song at our liturgies and at other times since it keeps our three brothers, Jeff, Dennis, and David, who are currently serving two to four months in federal prison for the cause of peace and justice ever present and it places their witness into proper context.

(Anne Feeney)

Was it Cesar Chavez, maybe it was Dorothy Day
Some say Dr. King or Ghandi
Set them on their way
No matter who your mentors are
It’s pretty plain to see
if you’ve been to jail for justice
You’re in good company

Have you been to jail for justice?
I want to shake your hand
Sitting in and laying down
Are ways to take a stand
Have you sung a song for freedom
Or marched that picket line?
Have you been to jail for justice?
Oh you’re a friend of mine

You law abiding citizens
Listen to this song
Laws are made by people
And people can be wrong
Once unions were against the law
But slavery was fine
Women were denied the vote
And children worked the mine
The more you study history
The less you can deny it
A rotten law stays on the books
’til folks with guts defy it!

Have you been to jail for justice?
I want to shake your hand
Sitting in and laying down
Are ways to take a stand
Have you sung a song for freedom
Or marched that picket line?
Have you been to jail for justice?
Oh you’re a friend of mine

Now the law is supposed to serve us
And so are the police
When that system fails
It’s up to us to speak our piece
It takes eternal vigilance
For justice to prevail
So get courage from your convictions
Let ’em haul you off to jail!

Have you been to jail for justice?
I want to shake your hand
Sitting in and laying down
Are ways to take a stand
Have you sung a song for freedom
Or marched that picket line?
Have you been to jail for justice?
Will you go to jail for justice?
Have you been to jail for justice?
Oh you’re a friend of mine

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May 21 2016

Josephine’s Daughter Maria Elsa At Four Months


Maria and mom Former LACW community member Josephine Burns sent us photo’s of her nearly four-month-old daughter Maria. Wow! How quickly she is growing. We look forward to the day when we can meet her in person.

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May 16 2016

Jeff’s Photo Used For L.A. Times Article On Homelessness

157817.ME.0407.Skid-Row.IK This LINK is to an Los Angeles Times article relating to Governor Jerry Brown’s commitment to back $2-billion plan to ease homelessness across California. Time will tell if this plan will bear fruit and help the 50,000 people homeless in Los Angeles. Previous plans were merely Public Relations ploys, all hype.

This LINK is to a short video that explains that there is enough money to end homelessness and it is only one vote away in Los Angeles County!

This Tuesday, May 17, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will be voting on two motions that could end homelessness in L.A. County. The motions would create a ballot initiative that could generate $100s of millions a year for housing and services. The motions failed to win a majority last week, and this Tuesday may be the last vote.

Please call your Supervisor and tell them to vote yes on Items 1 & 5.

District 1: 213-974-4111
District 2: 213-974-2222
District 3: 213-974-3333
District 4: 213-974-4444
District 5: 213-974-5555

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May 10 2016

Hospitality Kitchen (AKA Hippie Kitchen) Closed From May 27 through 29

Emily - Maria Chop_6066 Our soup kitchen will be closed from Friday, May 27, through Sunday, May 29. The LACW will be attending our annual Sister House Retreat at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center, near Santa Barbara. Each year Catholic Workers in our Sister House Network (Catholic Worker Houses founded by former LACW community members) get together for an annual retreat for spiritual renewal, some relaxation, fellowship, liturgy, and partying. This year’s facilitators will be longtime Catholic Workers Brendan Walsh and Willa Bickham from Viva House Catholic Worker in Baltimore. We will return to our normal schedule on Tuesday, May 31.

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