Sep 01 2015

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Aug 21 2015

2015 Summer Program Final Photos

Interns - End.6813 Each year after the Vandenberg Witness, we spend time at the Guadalupe Catholic Worker, where we enjoy great food, a liturgy, time to talk and relax in front of a bonfire, and go on a hike to Oso Flaco Beach and Wilderness Preserve. See photos HERE.

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Aug 10 2015

Six Arrested At Vandenberg AFB On August 8

Holding Banner.6693

Five Catholic Workers and a member of Veterans For Peace were arrested at Vandenberg Air Force Base on Saturday, August 8, after an hour long vigil commemorating the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thirty-five people attended the vigil including members of the L.A, Guadalupe, and Kenya Catholic Workers, Veterans for Peace, and other individuals.

Dennis Apel led us in a short prayer of repentance and read a poem by Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Founder, David Krieger, entitled: “God Responded With Tears” from the book of poetry God’s Tears: Reflections on the Atomic Bombs Dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Dennis also reminded us that this date also marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Nuremberg Charter by the U.S. and other European nations. The charter stipulated that crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity by the European Axis Powers could be tried. How ironic that this agreement was signed two days after the bombing of Hiroshima and one day before the bombing of Nagasaki, yet NOBODY has been held accountable.

Those arrested included: (from left to right) Dennis Apel (Guadalupe CW), Mike Wisniewski and Jeff Dietrich (LACW) Chris Knudson (Veterans For Peace), David Omondi (Formerly of the LACW now at the Kenya CW), and Erica Brock (LACW Summer Intern who is now an LACW community member). The six resisters were cited for trespass and released an hour later at Vandenberg Village. No court date scheduled at this time. See photos HERE. (Double click on photo to view in high resolution)

See the Santa Maria Times articles covering this vigil and another story about Dennis HERE and HERE.

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Aug 05 2015

Chaplain To Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing Crews Repents

Fr. George Zabelka2This LINK is to a inspirational and touching interview with Fr. George Zabelka, the chaplain to the crews that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This LINK is to a short video from the documentary about Fr. Zabelka, The Reluctant Prophet, who several years before his death, had a faith conversion and publicly repented for his part in the bombings, which was the greatest evil this nation has thus far committed, and began speaking out against war in general, nuclear weapons in particular, promoting gospel nonviolence as a way of life. This LINK is to the excellent full documentary–The Reluctant Prophet–about Fr. George Zabelka, the history of U.S. nuclearism, and the resistance against nuclear weapons.

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Aug 03 2015

August 2015 Agitator

Front Cover August 2015 Here is the AUGUST Catholic Agitator

    In This Issue:

    • For The Global Environment – Cleaning House by Pope Francis (Encyclical)
    • Come To The Water by David Omondi
    • Catholic Worker Farmer – Interview With Eric Anglada
    • Making Room For The Skid Row Community by Karan Benton
    • Ubanocity – A Poem by Ella Chatfield-Stiehler
    • Right Relationships Book Review by Sandi Huckaby

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Jul 30 2015

Kitchen Closed On Saturday, August 8

June 2014 Graphic

Five Resisters.3655
We Remember August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945

Disarm and Repent! Abolish Nuclear Weapons. War No More!

Hospitality Kitchen (AKA Hippie Kitchen) will be closed Saturday, August 8. The L.A. Catholic Worker will travel to Vandenberg Air Force Base, on the central coast, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, protest against U.S. nuclear weapons policy, and call for an end to U.S. imperial war-making. We will return to our regular schedule on Tuesday, August 11. If you are interested in accompanying us, please call 323-267-8989 and we will gladly make room for you. We will spend the night at the Guadalupe Catholic Worker and return late afternoon Sunday.

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Jul 30 2015

Police Excessive Force On An Unarmed Innocent Citizen

Kate.7780 This LINK is to a video and story on ABC 7 News in San Francisco about a client of Kate Chatfield (left), from our sister house in San Bruno, California, who represented the male victim highlighted in the video against the “assault on a police officer” and “resisting arrest” charges for merely speaking out on behalf of a young woman the police were beating on the ground during a Gay Pride Celebration last month.

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Jul 22 2015

LAPD Tasers and Shoots Homeless Man In Wheelchair Downtown

wheelchairThis LINK is to a video of ten LAPD officers tasering and shooting a homeless man in a wheelchair on Broadway and 3rd St, in downtown Los Angeles.

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Jul 15 2015

No Concern For The Homeless

Alice C This LINK is to an excellent Patt Morrison interview in the Wednesday, July 15 edition of the L.A. Times Op-Ed page (A23) with longtime friend and Skid Row associate Alice Callaghan.

An excerpt: “The change began at Fourth and Main. More than a third of all the housing on skid row had been on Main. [Developer] Tom Gilmore bought a building that was not at that point housing, but by buying that building and converting it into upper-scale housing, it changed the real estate dynamic all the way down Main. Then it became almost impossible for nonprofits to secure housing because now landlords have dollar signs on the horizon. It resulted in the conversion of SROs (Single Room Occupancy Hotels). It was a domino effect. And the city did nothing.

On skid row in the 1960s, we had almost 10,000 affordable housing units, SROs. A general relief check used to cover the rent. They were occupied by the same kind of people who are now on the street. By the 1980s we were down to about 6,700 [units]. Now, in the 50-block [skid row] area, we are down to just 3,600 SRO units. When people say, “Why are all these people on the sidewalk?,” there’s a simple mathematical equation: They’re on the sidewalks because we have eliminated their housing.

In the past, the city redevelopment agency had a plan to save skid row housing, to fix it up, to maintain it, because the city understood then that if you didn’t house people on the row, you couldn’t solve any other problems in downtown. That plan lost support in the late ’80s. With term limits, there were no champions left, the redevelopment agency began to lose its power and downtown became laissez-faire economics, which it is to this day.”

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Jul 01 2015

Presenting Our 2015 Summer Interns

2015 Interns Group.6053 We warmly welcome our 2015 Summer Interns. (Left to Right) Christian Cruz (New York, New York), Erica Brock (New York, New York), Anthony John Scheip (Fort Myers, Florida), Maria Teresa Kamel (San Antonio, Texas), Emily Prill (Oberlin, Ohio), Kelsey Chalmers (Kansas City, Missouri). More photos will be posted on this post in the coming days and weeks. Check back often. See Photos HERE. (Double click on photos to view at high resolution)

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Jun 25 2015

Yet More Aggressive Harassment For The Homeless

157817.ME.0407.Skid-Row.IKThis LINK this LINK and this LINK are to articles on the L.A. City Council’s decision to get tougher and meaner toward the homeless. On Tuesday, June 23, the City Council passed an ordinance that will make life more miserable for the homeless. The city will now seize homeless people’s property after a 24-hour notice. The LACW is involved a lawsuit against the city over its treatment of the poor and homeless of Skid Row since the passage of the Safer Cities Initiative (SCI) in 2006. More info as this progresses.

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Jun 24 2015

The LACW Soup Kitchen Will Be Closed On July 4

Anne and Manuel Chop Lettuce_0269 Please note that the LACW Hospitality Kitchen (AKA Hippie Kitchen) will be closed on Saturday, July 4, not in celebration, but to mourn all the evil, death, and destruction perpetrated in our name by the government. We will reopen on Tuesday, July 7, at our regular time.

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