August 2018 Agitator

Here is the AUGUST Catholic Agitator

In This Issue:

      • Immigration by Karan Founds-Benton
      • Statement of Detainees
      • New LACW Sister House in New Jersey by Alexandria Addesso
      • My Great-Great Grandfather Came by Steamship by Micah Wullschleger
      • Fences and Borders For Skid Row Poor by Matt Harper
      • Radical Act of Hospitality by Theo Kayser
      • Poor Peoples Campaign Takes D.C. by Dimitri Kadiev
      • The Soul of the Nation by Reclaiming

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Hippie Kitchen Closed Tuesday, August 7

We Remember August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945

Never forget that the U.S. imperial war machine is the ONLY nation in human history to use nuclear weapons, killing more than 200,000 human beings created in God’s image and likeness, primarily women, children, and the elderly, and leaving countless more to suffer from cancer and other illnesses related to radiation exposure. Now more than ever, we must redouble our efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons. We the people MUST resist U.S. nuclear policy and tirelessly work to eliminate the most diabolical weapons ever made and U.S. imperial aggression that assures their use again.

Disarm and Repent! Abolish Nuclear Weapons. War No More!

Hospitality Kitchen (AKA Hippie Kitchen) will be closed Tuesday, August 7. The L.A. Catholic Worker will travel to Vandenberg Air Force Base, on the central coast near Santa Maria, to commemorate the 73nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, protest against U.S. nuclear weapons policy, including missile testing at Vandenberg AFB, and call for an end to U.S. imperial war-making. We will return to our regular serving schedule on Thursday, August 9.

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Happy Birthday, Bill Hoard!

One of our very first guests to eat at the Hippie Kitchen 48 years ago, and longtime friend, Bill Hoard, recently celebrated his 77th birthday. Jeff and Alex picked him up at the convalescent home where he lives and took him to Hollywood to visit his favorite cartoon character’s star (Snoopy), then took him to a restaurant to enjoy one of his favorite meals, BBQ Chicken.

Bill still comes to our kitchen almost every Saturday, via Access Transportation, to spend a few hours with us and enjoy the dining garden and hand out trinkets to other guests. Happy Birthday, Bill! We wish you many blessings.

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LACW Has Major Plumbing Issues













The LACW has serious issues with the plumbing in our 131 year old Victorian house. Some of our community members and interns have, for days, in the heat and with much sweat, been manually digging 12 foot deep holes for the plumbers to access and replace the old pipes. These are photos of the labor involved.

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Meet Our 2018 Summer Interns

Our Summer Interns have arrived. Each has displayed an eagerness to learn more about our work and the Catholic Worker movement, and get to know us, our house guests, and our soup kitchen guests.

In photo from left to right are: Romario Quijano (Austin, TX), Mayer Cook-Tonkin (Castlemaine, Australia), Benny Mattis (Townsend, MA), Angelica Brown (Portland, OR), Yesenia Vasquez (Los Angeles, CA). We warmly welcome them and wish them a very blessed and fruitful summer living and working with us.

Check back to this post regularly for updates and many more photos. See photos HERE.

(NOTE: Double click on this and all photos to view in high resolution)

UPDATE: August 5 – Our interns have participated in and enjoyed resistance vigils, a Hospitality Day, three pool parties, three picnics, participated in a craft day with our artist guest, Alberto, listened to a several speakers, and attended five liturgies thus far. See photos HERE.

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LACW Attends Families Belong Together March

On Saturday, June 30, after the kitchen closed, a few LACWs joined with more than 70,000 others for the Families Belong Together March/Rally.

Although we missed the march itself, we were able to make it for the final 25 minutes of the rally outside the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center, where immigrants are held.

See photos HERE.

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LACW Joins With Occupy ICE-L.A.

On Wednesday, June 27, the LACW joined with the growing encampment of Occupy ICE – L.A., at the downtown Federal Building/Metropolitan Detention Center on the corner of Alameda and Arcadia, in protest against the fascist Trump regime’s immigration policy. The small but growing community is blocking one of the exits where Homeland Security buses leave the MDC (Metroplitan Detention Center). A large number of immigrants are held in MDC either waiting to appear in court or be deported. See more photos HERE.

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LACW Attends Vigils For Julian Assange And Against U.S. Immigration Policy

On Tuesday afternoon, June 19, Jeff, Susan, and Alex attended a “Free Julian Assange” vigil at the British Consulate, in Century City.

On Wednesday, June 20, at noon, the LACW vigiled and leafleted by the downtown U.S. Immigration Court, across the street from Pershing Square, in opposition to the evil, immoral, and abominable Family Separation Act.

The LACW says “NO!” to the Family Separation Act, and “NO!” to Zero Tolerance for Immigrants at the border. The LACW stands against the fascist bully in the White House.

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LACW Supports SB 1437 – Also Known As The BESTT Practices Act

Mid Friday afternoon, the LACW community gathered to listen to a presentation by Kate Chatfield, from our sister house in San Bruno, who is also a criminal defense attorney and author of SB 1437–also known as the BESTT Practices Act, a bill before the California Legislature that would reform the felony murder rule.

The felony murder rule comes from English common law. It has since been abolished in all common law jurisdictions, except the United States, for being unjust. Under the felony murder rule, a person can be criminally liable for first-degree murder even when he/she did not intend for a killing to occur or aid the killing in any way. A death may be accidental, unintentional, and unforeseen, but as long as it occurred during the course of, or flight from certain crimes, all participants – whether one performed the homicidal act or not, knew a co-participant was armed, or was even at the scene of the killing – is liable for first-degree murder.

The California Supreme Court has repeatedly urged that California abolish the felony murder rule. As far back as 1965 and repeated in 1983, in People v. Dillon, the California Supreme Court called the felony murder rule “barbaric.” However, the California Supreme Court does not have the authority to abolish it; only the Legislature has that power. The California high court asked the Legislature to make that change 35 years ago. The Legislature is now heeding that call. Earlier this year it passed in the State Senate and is now in the State Assembly.

In California, the felony murder rule disproportionately affects youth, people of color, and women. It has resulted in incredibly lengthy life sentences – draining taxpayer dollars – for people who never killed anyone, nor intended that a death occur.

SB 1437 will reform the felony murder rule and amend accomplice liability in certain types of second-degree murder. This act retains felony murder liability for the person who kills during the course of certain felonies. It would only abolish felony murder liability for an accomplice: a person who did not personally commit the homicidal act or intend that a homicide occur. This act would also limit judicially-created doctrines for second-degree murder liability.

We ask that you also look into this legislative bill and urge your state representative to support it. You can visit this LINK to learn more about it and sign on in support.

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LACW Hospitality Day for World Cup

On Friday, June 15, we hosted several of our friends from downtown for a World Cup party at Hennacy House. We watched the exciting Spain vs Portugal game, which everyone enjoyed even though it ended in a tie. Everyone had their fill of chips, nacho cheese, salsa, and soda before the game. Theo cooked corn on the cob, potatoes, burgers–with all the fixins, and we had ice cream for dessert, which was enjoyed during halftime, and there was enough food leftover for folks to take a plate with them to go. Folks really appreciate the time away from the streets to relax and enjoy a party.

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Hospitality/Hippie Kitchen Closed On Saturday, June 23

Please be advised that the LACW soup kitchen will be closed on Saturday, June 23, for a day-long planning meeting to discern the LACW’s future direction. We will be back on our regular schedule on Tuesday, June 26. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

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June 2018 Agitator

Here is the JUNE Catholic Agitator

In This Issue:

      • Book Review: At Play In The Lions’ Den by Jeff Dietrich
      • The Golden Rule Sails Again by Helen Jaccard
      • Kings Bay Plowshares: Interview with Frida Berrigan
      • Building A Gospel-Based Community by Sarah Fuller
      • Confronting White Supremacy by Matt Harper
      • Better Know a Volunteer by Theo Kayser
      • Commemorating the Catonsville 9 by Mike Wisniewski

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