Feb 13 2016

Valentine’s In Our Kitchen Dining Garden



Hearts.0144 LACW community member Sarah Fuller made dozens of cardboard hearts painted in various colors and hung them throughout our downtown kitchen dining garden from trees and plants in a visual display of love. Many of our guests have commented on their beauty and how much they appreciate their presence and the thought and love behind them. Wonderful job, thank you, Sarah. (Note: Double click on each photo to enlarge at high resolution)

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Feb 07 2016

Our Latest Kitchen Mural

Spice Shelf Mural.0142 This is the new mural painted by our traveling artist friend, Dimitri Kadiev. It is situated above our spice shelves in the corner next to the large black stove. If you look closely you will find various camouflaged little messages and symbols throughout. This is Dimitri’s third gift mural for the inside of our soup kitchen. We are exceedingly grateful for his talent, gifts, and presence in our community. He left for Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday evening for another mural gig, then onward to where the Spirit leads. We wish him well with many blessings and look forward to his return at some point in the future. (Note: Double click on photo to enlarge at high resolution)

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Feb 01 2016

February 2016 Agitator

Front Cover February 2016Here is the February Catholic Agitator

In This Issue:

    • Racism And Gun Control by Jeff Dietrich
    • Dorothy Day Has Died by Rick Hampson
    • Healing The Feet by Saima Scott
    • Practicing Bad Theology by Sarah Fuller
    • Anger And Death by Karan Benton
    • Choosing To Be Part Of The Healing by Dimitri Kadiev

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Jan 24 2016

Thank You Washington Clippers Foot Care Crew

Foot Care.0132


We again say a warm farewell and a heartfelt THANK YOU to our “Washington Clippers” foot care crew. As usual, they did an amazing job in caring for the feet of hundreds of our guests, the skid row poor and homeless. They pleased many people who left utterly delighted and grateful. See an article by one of them in the upcoming February issue of the Catholic Agitator. Present in photo at left is Jackie, Maggy, Rev. Kathleen, not pictured are Nancy, Cheryl, Judy. Saima in photo on right.

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Jan 18 2016

Cuba Visit Presentation

Rozella holding mic.0118

Explaining Guantanamo Conference.0120 On Saturday, January 16, Dennis Apel and daughter Rozella, from the Guadalupe CW, visited the LACW to give a brief presentation (with Q and A) of their recent ten day trip to Cuba, where they visited family, toured, and where each gave a short presentation at a conference in Guantanamo City on Foreign Military Bases In Sovereign Nations, which was attended by representatives from various Latin American nations. Dennis and Rozella spoke on U.S. occupation of the Marshall Islands and the destruction of the Kwajalein Atoll by repeated U.S. missile tests.

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Jan 14 2016

We Welcome Back Our “Washington Clippers” Foot Care Group

Full Clinic.0109

Kathleen.0115 Each January, for two weeks, five wonderful and amazing women from Olympia, Washington travel down to the LACW to care for the feet of the Skid Row poor and homeless. This week they began their ministry and have a fully booked schedule each day Tuesday – Saturday from 7:00 am until noon.

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Jan 12 2016

Our German Friend Elena Interviewed In The Tidings

Elena_Klett_Refugees Our longtime German friend and frequent worker-guest, Elena Klett, was recently interviewed by The Tidings, the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese newspaper. While back in Germany she teaches German to recent refugees and immigrants. See story HERE.

An excerpt: “‘The people I teach are all men, from the age of 19 until 35,’ Klett recently told The Tidings by email. ‘We have different skin colors, different religions and we have the best time together learning German, laughing with each other and especially learning from each other. I’m thankful for every single one of them for they have enriched my life in so many ways.’

They are often (housed) in former military buildings that haven’t been used any more or other buildings that have been empty. Now that so many refugees came, they started to also have people in gymnasiums, halls, any place you can think of that allows to have a good number of people sleep there. I’m not close to one of the bigger refugee camps, but there are refugees in most of the cities, even the smaller towns. They have little apartments that they share with each other.

The people who were struggling between having sympathy for the refugees and the disruption in Germany are asking for a more precise plan on how things will be handled in the future and what the next steps looks like. And the ones who never liked them being here, do still think that way or think even more that way as more refugees have come to Germany.

I think the majority of people agree that we have to help the people who are fleeing for their lives, period. The question is how will we further handle this situation and that’s where people are not all on the same page.

And the other issue is that there is no official number, a limit on when Germany will turn away refugees. So whenever you read or think “the Germans are complaining about the refugee crisis,” keep in mind that there’s no definite number of how many refugees can come in the future. So there is no end in sight — and this causes an uncertainty that makes some people afraid.

Imagine this in America, no limitations on immigration.”

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Jan 01 2016

The Plight Of Homeless Women

Homeless woman with cart

Homeless woman This LINK is to a disturbing article by the president of the Downtown Women’s Center on the plight of homeless women in Los Angeles County, many who eat at our soup kitchen.

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Dec 26 2015

Central Avenue Tree Decorating

Singing Final Carol.7869 About three years ago a tree miraculously began growing in the frame of a sign pole on Central Avenue off Gladys Avenue, two blocks from our soup kitchen. Jeff noticed it one day while walking home and began watering it. Today some of its branches have grown out of the holes in the pole while the rest has branched out from the top. Since this seems as some sort of miraculous sign that life can grow anywhere and under any circumstances, On Wednesday, December 23, the LACW community decided to give it a Christmas flavor with lights and decorations. We invited Alice Callaghan and some of our homeless friends to join us. See photos HERE.

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Dec 26 2015

2015 Christmas Tree Decorating

Hazel.7768 On Sunday, December 20, we gathered to put up and decorate our Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols and enjoy a variety of refreshments and baked goods. It was an enjoyable evening in preparation for our Christmas celebration. See photos HERE.

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Dec 26 2015

Annual Homeless Memorial

2015 Homeless Memorial On Monday, December 21, the LACW attended the annual Homeless Memorial for all skid row residents who died over the past year. Catherine represented the LACW as she read the names of our guests at the Hippie Kitchen, along with Dan Delany, co-founder of the LACW, Berta Torres, longtime guest at Hennacy House, and Fr. Don Kribs, longtime friend and homeless advocate, who passed from this life into eternal life. With each person named Catherine gave a brief background of who that person was. It was a nice ceremony to remember and honor our departed sisters and brothers. May they rest in peace.
(Double click on the program at left to enlarge)

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Dec 15 2015

Angel City Chorale Performs At The Hippie Kitchen




On Saturday, December 12, the Angel City Chorale again made their annual visit to Skid Row to sing Christmas Carols in our dining garden. Everyone from guests eating in the garden to volunteers and community members thoroughly enjoyed the performance. They seem to get better with each visit. This year they sang a very upbeat African carol that got everyone moving with the music. Near the end of the concert they again spread out among the tables and invited everyone to join in a sing-a-long. The entire hour was a wonderful holiday treat. Thank you Angel City Chorale for making time to visit our garden and spread the holiday spirit among all present. Blessings upon all and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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