Apr 22 2016

Jail For Jeff Dietrich, David Omondi, and Dennis Apel

Holding Banner.6693 Jeff Dietrich and David Omondi from the LACW, and Dennis Apel from the Guadalupe CW, were again in federal court on Thursday, April 21. Jeff and Dennis had to appear for a “status hearing” regarding their probation sentence back on March 17, which both refused to cooperate with and would not comply with the court order for reasons of conscience. After questioning each defendant on why they did not comply, and if they realized the seriousness of their action, the court issued a sentence of 120 days (four months) to each. The judge accepted the Probation Department’s recommendation for Jeff’s sentence, however, for Dennis the court rejected both the Probation Department’s recommendation of 30 days and the government’s recommendation of 60 days, instead issued the same 120 days administered to Jeff.

David Omondi was present for sentencing for the August 8, 2015 witness at Vandenberg AFB. The court at first issued six month supervised probation with 200 hours community service plus a $100 fine and $35 in court costs. However, after David explained to Magistrate Judge Louise LaMonthe that he prefer not having probation since he wants to return to Kenya as soon as possible and would likely not abide by probation regulations, the judge reconsidered and changed the sentence to 60 days incarceration in federal prison.

All three are required to self-surrender at the downtown Los Angeles Roybal Federal Building: Jeff on Monday, May 2, David on Tuesday, May 3, and Dennis on Monday May 9. It is not yet known where each will serve their sentence. Stay tuned.

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Apr 18 2016

David Gardner and Erika Ayon’s Wedding

In Church

Erika and David On Saturday, April 9, former LACW community member David Gardner and his fiancée Erika Ayon were married in a beautiful elaborate ceremony at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Long Beach. After the ceremony they had a reception that can only be described as a banquet feast, including a variety of great food, beverages, and entertainment. We wish David and Erika many years of happiness, love, peace, and joy, along with many blessings.

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Apr 15 2016

Court Rules LAPD Cannot Take Homeless People’s Property

Raid.0173 On Wednesday, April 13, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction barring Los Angeles police and sanitation officers from seizing and destroying homeless people’s property without sufficient notice. This ruling results from a LAWSUIT the LACW was part of. See stories HERE and HERE. A victory? We will have to wait and see if they abide by the court order since they have in the past found ways to circumvent court decisions, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Apr 15 2016

Catherine’s Birthday


Rabbit Cakes.0665

On Wednesday, April 13, we celebrated Catherine Morris’ birthday at our evening liturgy, not with just a cake and singing “Happy Birthday,” but with two dozen cupcakes made by our volunteer Jan Melli, and two twin Rabbit cakes made by our own Sarah Fuller, singing the birthday song twice. Catherine, as the photos depict, was very happy indeed. Many blessings, Catherine.

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Apr 14 2016

Rebecca and Nathan’s Wedding


Vows.0654 On Friday, April 8, former LACW community member Rebecca Casas and her beau Nathan Sheets were married in a simple yet beautiful ceremony at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, which is where they both worked and met at the homeless drop-in center located there. After the ceremony they had a very nice backyard reception, though it was somewhat hampered by drizzling rain. We wish Rebecca and Nathan many years of happiness, love, peace, and joy, along with many blessings.

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Apr 13 2016

2016 Summer Program Application Deadline Extended

2015 Interns Group.6053 Due to e-mail and computer issues we recently experienced, we have decided to extend the 2016 Summer Internship Program application deadline. If you or someone you know has an interest in joining us for six weeks beginning June 29 and ending August 10, please visit our INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES page for further info and how to submit an application. Thank you.

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Apr 06 2016

2016 Catholic Worker Seder Of Liberation

Dancing1.0502 On Sunday, April 3, we celebrated our 41st annual Seder of Liberation. It was a fantastic success with 70 people in attendance. Everyone had a great time. Dennis Apel was the MC, with Robbie Nester, Tensie Hernandez, Rozella Apel, and Thomas Apel as our head table Hagaddah readers. We shared a great meal after the Seder with plenty of food and tasty desserts. Thank you to all who came and shared a dish. If you did not attend, plan ahead for next year (the Sunday after Easter). Guaranteed you will not regret it. See photos HERE.

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Apr 06 2016

E-Mail Notice

email_logo Unfortunately our e-mail (info@lacatholicworker.org) was down for one week and everything that was sent to us was either lost in cyberspace or bounced back to sender. If you sent us an e-mail and it was returned to you or you have not received an answer to a recently sent e-mail, please contact us again. Thank you. Blessings.

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Mar 31 2016

April 2016 Agitator

Front Cover April 2016 Here is the APRIL Catholic Agitator

In This Issue:

    • John Brown: Terrorist Or Patriot? by Jeff Dietrich
    • The Kingdom Of God Is Here by Manuel Hernandez
    • Nuclear Savage by Karan Benton
    • Confronting The Legacy Of Racial Terror by Sandi Huckaby
    • Triumph Of Failure by Toni Flynn
    • Truth, God, And Humility by Kelsey Chalmers

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Mar 28 2016

2016 Good Friday Stations Of The Cross

IMG_0311 On Good Friday, March 25, we had our annual Anti-war Stations of the Cross, which again was very successful. The weather was perfect, and we had more than 80 people join us for our annual walk to places of darkness in the downtown area. Donald Nollar again put together a succinct and meaningful script, and we had two very articulate readers, and a slightly shortened travel distance. A big thank you to all who participated. See you again next year. See photos HERE.

See Stations of the Cross script HERE.

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Mar 18 2016

Sentence: Six Months Probation + 200 Hours Community Service

Holding Banner.6693 On Thursday, March 17, LACW community member Jeff Dietrich (third from left) and Dennis Apel (first on left from the Guadalupe CW) appeared in Santa Barbara Federal Court for sentencing regarding the August 8, 2015 nonviolent witness at Vandenberg AFB in protest against U.S. nuclear weapons policy (see HERE and HERE).

Both Jeff and Dennis were sentenced to six months supervised probation and 200 hours of community service (NOT connected in any way with the Catholic Worker), along with $35 in court assessment fees. Both Jeff and Dennis stated they will not comply in any way with the sentence nor pay the court assessment fees.

Magistrate Judge Louise LaMonthe scheduled an April 21 “Progress Hearing” to determine what both defendants have accomplished. Again, as with Mike Wisniewski, Magistrate Judge Louise LaMonthe did not want to sentence jail time for either defendant. However, she only postponed what clearly will be inevitable in this situation since Jeff and Dennis have absolutely no intent to comply with any part of their probation sentence. Stay tuned. You can read Dennis Apel’s court statement HERE.

NOTE: During time allotted for the prosecution to make a statement before sentencing, Federal Prosecutor Sharon McCaslin referred to Jeff as “the leader of a cult” (obviously believing the Catholic Worker a cult).

Former LACW community member David Omondi (second from right) will be sentenced on April 28.

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Mar 16 2016

Federal Law Suit Filed Against L.A. For Homeless Sweeps

Raid.0171 The LACW is involved in a federal lawsuit filed by human rights attorney, and longtime friend, Carol Sobel, against the City of Los Angeles and the L.A.P.D. for the inhumane treatment of our homeless sisters and brothers as the L.A.P.D. continues to conduct their pathetic sweeps of homeless encampments around the city, specifically on Skid Row. See stories at this LINK, this LINK, this LINK, and this LINK.

An excerpt:
“A federal civil rights lawsuit filed Monday accused the city of Los Angeles of endangering homeless people by seizing and destroying their tents and bedding and then releasing them from jail into the cold without protection.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, accused the city of wrongfully arresting homeless people and seizing their lawful shopping carts as part of a “criminalization” campaign.”

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